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The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Emerging Financial Markets Vol: 93

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02 Mar 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
732 pages - 156 x 234 x 58mm
Contemporary Studies in Economic and Financial Analysis


The Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 has highlighted the resilience of the financial markets and broader economies from the developing world. This outcome owes much to the bitter experience and economic strategies developed and implemented at both a national and international level following the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997-1998. The objective of this volume is to investigate and assess the impact and response to the crisis from an emerging markets perspective including asset pricing, contagion, financial intermediation, market structure and regulation. Our hope is that the assembled papers will offer clear insights into the complex financial arrangements that now link emerging and developed financial markets in the current economic environment. The volume spans four dimensions: first, a series of background studies offer explanations of the causes and impacts of the crisis on emerging markets more generally; then, implications are considered. The third and final sections provide insights from regional and country-specific perspectives.
List of Contributors. The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Emerging Financial Markets. The Global Financial Crisis. The Causes of the Global Financial Crisis. The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Emerging and Newly Industrialized Asia. Sailing Out of Crisis Emerging Markets Style. Bargaining game and LDCs' commercial bank debt restructuring outcomes. Has International Financial Co-Movement Changed? Emerging Markets in the 2007–2009 Financial Crisis. Financial Sector Surveillance and the IMF. What can the East and Northeast Asian Communities Learn from the EU?. Has the International Banking and Financial Crisis Damaged Emerging Market MNCs?. Changing Central Bank Transparency in Central and Eastern Europe During the Financial Crisis. Return Seasonality in Emerging Markets. How Long Memory in Volatility Affects Market Risk Estimation. Dependence and Return Distributions During Crises. Elasticities of Stock Prices in Emerging Markets. Financial Crises Propagation. Financial Crises and Structural Breaks in Autocorrelation on the Bric's Stock Markets. Macroeconomic Dynamics and the Term Structure of Interest Rates in Emerging Markets. Subprime Crisis and its Impact on the Brazilian Mutual Fund Industry. Determining the RMB Exchange Regime. Grass-Root stock market investment and long-term commonality in liquidity. Properties of Realized Correlation. Pricing the Currency Premium Under Flexible Exchange Rates. Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Thailand. A Comparison of Financial Robustness in the United States and Turkey During 2007–2010. The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Emerging Financial Markets. Contemporary Studies in Economic and Financial Analysis. Contemporary Studies in Economic and Financial Analysis. Copyright page.

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