The Handbook of Managing and Marketing Tourism Experiences

Marios Sotiriadis
University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa

Dogan Gursoy
Washington State University, USA

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09 Nov 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
584 pages - 152 x 229 x 29mm
The planning, design, management and marketing of experiences for tourism markets is a major challenge for tourism destinations and providers in a globalized and highly competitive market. This book bridges the gap in contemporary literature by carefully examining the management and marketing of tourism experiences. 
It has the following specific objectives: first to analyse the main issues and challenges related to tourism experience management and marketing; second, to present and discuss adequate analytical frameworks and tools; third to explore the adoption and implementation of approaches to managing and marketing experiences in various tourism contexts and industries; and finally to present and discuss case studies illustrating approaches adopted, methods implemented and best practices in addressing related issues. The book concludes by providing strategic management and marketing implications and recommendations for tourism businesses and destinations to enable them to successfully create, manage, market and evaluate tourism experiences.
Introduction - Marios Sotiriadis and Dogan Gursoy PART I: PLANNING: DESIGN AND CREATING TOURISM EXPERIENCES 1. Experience-Based Service Design - Özlem Güzel 2. Experience-Centric Approach and Innovation - Anita Zátori 3. Crucial Role and Contribution of Human Resources in the Context of Tourism Experiences: Need for Experiential Intelligence and Skills - Marios Sotiriadis and Stelios Varvaressos 4. Tourism Destination: Design of Experiences - Eyup Karayilan and Gurel Cetin 5. Social Media and the Co-Creation of Tourism Experiences - Marianna Sigala 6. Experiential Tourism: Creating and Marketing Tourism Attraction Experiences - Rachel Dodds and Lee Jolliffe PART II: MANAGING: ORGANIZING AND DELIVERING TOURISM EXPERIENCES 7. Cultural and Experiential Tourism - Hilary du Cros 8. Dragon Boat Intangible Cultural Heritage: Management Challenges of a Community and Élite Sport Event as a Tourism Experience - Fleur Fallon 9. Collaborating to Provide Attractive Hotel Guests' Experiences - Marios Sotiriadis and Christos Sarmaniotis 10. Managing Sport Tourism Experiences: Blueprinting Service Encounters - Chris A. Vassiliadis and Anestis Fotiadis 11. Authenticity, Commodification, and McDonaldization of Tourism Experiences in the Context of Cultural Tourism - Medet Yolal 12. Managing Experiences within the Field of Creative Tourism: Best Practices and Guidelines - Caroline Couret 13. Greening as Part of Ecotourism to Contribute to Tourists' Experiences: A Destination Planning Approach - Elricke Botha and Willy Hannes Engelbrecht 14. Managing Rural Tourist Experiences: Lessons from Cyprus - Anna Farmaki 15. Service Innovations and Experience Creation in Spas, Wellness and Medical Tourism - Melanie Kay Smith, Sonia Ferrari and László Puczkó PART III: MARKETING: COMMUNICATING AND PROMOTING TOURISM EXPERIENCES 16. The Role of Online Social Media on the Experience and Communication of Gay Events in a Tourist Destination: A Case Study of a Small-Scale Film Festival in Nice - S. Christofle, C. Papetti and M. Ferry 17. Marketing Experiences for Visitor Attractions: The Contribution of Theming - Elricke Botha 18. Marketing Culinary Tourism Experiences - Lee Jolliffe 19. Managing and Marketing Tourism Experiences: Extending the Travel Risk Perception Literature to Address Affective Risk Perceptions - Ashley Schroeder, Lori Pennington-Gray, Maximiliano Korstanje and Geoffrey Skoll 20. Promotion Tools Used in the Marketing of Sport Tourism Experiences in a Mature Tourism Destination - Crystal C. Lewis and Cristina H. Jönsson 21. The Role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Marketing Tourism Experiences - Kyung-Hyan Yoo and Ulrike Gretzel PART IV: MONITORING AND EVALUATING TOURISM EXPERIENCES 22. Memorable Tourism Experiences: Conceptual Foundations and Managerial Implications for Program Design, Delivery, and Performance Measurement - Jong-Hyeong Kim 23. Proposing an Experiential Value Model within the Context of Business Tourism Magdalena - Petronella (Nellie) Swart 24. Consumer Travel Online Reviews and Recommendations: Suggesting Strategies to Address Challenges Faced within the Digital Context - Marios Sotiriadis and Ciná van Zyl 25. Assessing Tourism Experiences: The Case of Heritage Attractions - Gaunette Sinclair-Maragh Conclusions: Issues and Challenges for Managing and Marketing Tourism Experiences - Dogan Gursoy and Marios Sotiriadis About the Authors Index
Marios Sotiriadis, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa Dogan Gursoy, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USA

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