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The Globalization Of Strategy Research Vol: 27

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02 Jul 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
480 pages - 156 x 234 x 41mm
Advances in Strategic Management


"This volume brings together various emerging perspectives in strategy research for further interaction and debate. Contributions address a range of issues related to the globalization of strategy research. Some chapters present perspectives that challenge the historically dominant North American tradition in strategy research, from both outside as well as within North America. Others examine the historical development of strategy research, viewed either as a convergent normal science process, or as a divergent process destined to generate disparate perspectives. Specific chapters include: Globalization or Colonization?; Building a Business on Ethnic Ties; Rhetorical History as a Source of Competitive Advantage; and Organizational Selection in Context. The volume examines strategy theory, methods and research, and strategy as practice, discourse and reflexive design. By creating a forum for discussing issues at the interface of emerging perspectives and long-standing traditions, this volume provides a compendium that contributes to cross-fertilization among them, as well as a catalyst for future research countering the separatist logic that threatens to partition the field".
List of Contributors. The globalization of strategy research: Permanent pluralism or prelude to a new synthesis?. Strategy as innovative design: An emerging perspective. Taking the linguistic turn seriously: Strategy as A multifaceted and interdiscursive phenomenon. Taking “strategy-as-practice” across the Atlantic. Strategy and strategizing: A poststructuralist perspective. The strategy and identity relationship: Towards a processual understanding. Rhetorical history as a source of competitive advantage. Where strategy meets culture: The neglected role of cultural and symbolic resources in strategy research. Consuming strategy: The art and practice of managers’ everyday strategy usage. Beyond the hype: Taking business strategy to the “bottom of the pyramid”. Strong in the morning, dead in the evening: a genealogical and contextual perspective on organizational selection. European and North American origins of competitive advantage. Strategy research in the German context: The influence of economic, sociological and philosophical traditions. Collaborating to discover the practice of strategy and its impact. Where is the ‘I’? One silence in strategy research. Advances in Strategic Management. Advances in Strategic Management. Copyright page.

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