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The Future of Global Organizing Vol: 10

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23 Oct 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
488 pages - 152 x 229 x 30mm
Progress in International Business Research
This latest volume of Progress in International Business Research explores novel ways in which international business is organized. Contributions advance our understanding and stretch our thinking about new organizational and geographic structures in MNCs, and other organizational forms across borders and geographies. Authors ask challenging questions: will the traditional MNC as we know it be replaced by other dominant designs, and what new forms of global organizing can we expect in the future? What do contemporary digital and technological developments, e.g. social media, virtual worlds, and cloud services, imply for the international organization of work, communication, and management practices?
Introduction: Three Organizational Challenges for Multinational Enterprises. Value Generation in the Multinational Corporation. Corporate Parenting Styles of the Multinational Corporation: A Subsidiary View. Progressing the Relational Perspective on MNCs: Beyond Headquarters-Subsidiary Relationships. Expatriate Functions in the Current Multinational Context: Moving Theory Forward. Black Swans or an Emerging Type of Firm? The Case of Borderless Firms. Micromultinationals’ Internal Development during Internationalization. Team-Based Global Organizations: The Future of Global Organizing. Spillover Coordination from Global Teams. The Multinational Head Office as a Joint Value Orchestrator: Managing the Global Factory. Manufacturing Back-Reshoring as a Nonlinear Internationalization Process. Subsidiary Capability Upgrading and Parent-Subsidiary Relationship: Insights from a Chinese Acquisition in the United Kingdom. Global Organizing: A Case from Belarus. How Subsidiaries Attempt to Direct HQ Attention to New Business Opportunities. To Try or Not to Try? A Story of Diaspora Entrepreneurship. On the Way to Being a Micromultinational – Hindrances and Success Factors. On the Receiving End of Outsourcing – Value Creation through Mediation of Alliance Portfolios. Upgrading and Power Relations in Global Value Chains: Case Study of an Offshoring Service Provider in the Software Industry. The Dynamics of the Outsourcing Relationship. Dedication: The Essential Alan Rugman. Dedication: Yin and Yang: Integrating Disparate Perspectives for International Business Research and Teaching. List of Contributors. Preface and Dedication: The Future of Global Organizing – A Tribute to Alan Rugman. The Future of Global Organizing. Copyright page. Progress in international business research. The Future of Global Organizing. About the Editors.

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