The Fully Functioning University

Tom Bourner
University of Brighton, UK

Asher Rospigliosi
University of Brighton, UK

Linda Heath
University of Brighton, UK

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18 Mar 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
168 pages - 129 x 198mm
Great Debates in Higher Education
Increasingly, the purpose and function of Western universities is being challenged and put under pressure to demonstrate value for students, policy, and society at large. Concurrently, the management and leadership of universities differs by institution and often prioritises one need other others. The three main goals that have persisted across the development of Higher Education in the Western world are; the higher education of students, the advancement of knowledge and service to those outside the university. In the history of the Western university one of these goals has always dominated. 

A university cannot function fully if it must interpret two of its goals in ways that serve a third. The Fully Functioning University introduces the concept of a 'post-Humboldtian university' which values each of these goals in its own right, and the 'fully functioning university' as one which expresses the three goals entirely. 

The authors outline the sort of higher education that a fully-functioning university would offer, the implications of the concept of a ‘fully-functioning university’ for its contribution to the advancement of knowledge, and the contribution of the fully-functioning university to the service part of the tripartite mission. This timely book will be relevant for senior managers and leaders in higher education in the UK and internationally, as well as for higher education researchers and postgratudate students.
Chapter 1. Introduction.  
Chapter 2. The Fully Functioning University 
Chapter 3. The Fully-functioning University and its Higher Education 
Chapter 4. The contribution of the Fully-functioning University to the advancement of knowledge 
Chapter 5. The contribution of the fully-functioning university to society 
Chapter 6. Afterword
Tom Bourner is Emeritus Professor of Personal and Professional Development at the University of Brighton, UK. Before retiring, he was Head of Research at the Business School. He was also a committed and successful teacher, featured in an article in the 'Star Turn' series of the Times Higher Education Supplement.

Asher Rospigliosi is an economic sociologist with a passion for teaching the complexities of information systems in a business context, researching graduate employment and employers’ values. He is currently Principal Lecturer in the Business School at the University of Brighton, UK. 

Linda Heath is Senior Lecturer in the Business School at the University of Brighton, UK, with 40 years’ experience of teaching in education. She has published in doctorate and practitioner fields, and issues within pedagogic research within higher education.

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