The Emerald Handbook of Entrepreneurship in Tourism, Travel and Hospitality: Skills for Successful Ventures

Marios Sotiriadis
University of South Africa, South Africa

Product Details
15 May 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
472 pages - 152 x 229mm
This book is a practical handbook for entrepreneurship in tourism related industries. The book will provide students and prospective entrepreneurs with the knowledge, know-how and best practices in order to assist them in planning, implementing and managing business ventures in the field of tourism.

It constitutes a valuable contribution to developing the necessary knowledge, competencies and skills of entrepreneurial decision-making and ventures. It would serve as a guide for those studying entrepreneurship and preparing for entrepreneurial careers as well as a reference for the practical use of entrepreneurs at the planning, implementation, operation and evaluation stages of building a tourism business.
Examples from the industry/business world are provided to illustrate real-life practice and give readers a better understanding of entrepreneurship in tourism.
Chapter 1. Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs in Tourism; Marios Sotiriadis
Chapter 2. Framework for Tourism: Tourism System and Tourism Value Chain; Stelios Varvaressos 
Chapter 3. Features of Tourism-Related Businesses and Trends in Tourism and Travel Markets; Elricke Botha
Chapter 4. Strategic Analysis and Competition Analysis; Marios Sotiriadis
Chapter 5. Innovation, Creativity and Tourism; Marta Magadán and Jesus Rivas
Chapter 6. The Entrepreneurial Process and Legal Issues; Ciná van Zyl
Chapter 7. Feasibility Analysis and Study; Stavros Arvanitis and Leticia Estevez
Chapter 8. Collaborative Forms and Strategies for Business Venturing in Tourism Industries; Marios Sotiriadis 
Chapter 9. Management and Business Plan; Marisol Alonso Vazquez, Martha Alicia Alonso-Castañón and María del Pilar Pastor-Pérez
Chapter 10. Managing Financial Matters; Marios Sotiriadis
Chapter 11. Providing Service Quality and Customer Care in Tourism Businesses; Magdalena Petronella (Nellie) Swart
Chapter 12. Monitoring and Assessing Business Performance in Tourism Business: The Case of Hospitality Business; Magdalena Petronella (Nellie) Swart and Anne Taylor
Chapter 13. Risk Management in Tourism Ventures; Eugenia Papaioannou and Shiwei Shen
Chapter 14. Taking the Exit Route: Reasons, Methods and a Plan; Nkoana Simon Radipere and Msindosi Sarah Radebe  
Chapter 15. Marketing of Tourism Services / Experiences; Hongfei Bao
Chapter 16. Digital Tools: Their Value and Use for Marketing Purposes; Catherine Paretti, Sylvie Christofle and Vanessa Guerrier-Buisine
Chapter 17. Designing and Implementing a Marketing Plan; Anestis Fotiadis, Claudel Mombeil and Natasa Slak Valek 
Chapter 18. Designing and Creating Tourism Experience: Adding Value for Tourists; Yosr Ben Tahar, Coralie Haller, Charlotte Massa and Sébastien Bédé 
Chapter 19. Crowdsourcing for tourism ventures; Vincent Grèzes, Roland Schegg and Antoine Perruchoud 
Chapter 20. Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism; Evelyn G. Chiloane-Tsoka 
Chapter 21. Green Entrepreneurship in Tourism; María del Mar Alonso-Almeida and María José Álvarez-Gil 
Chapter 22. Contribution of Creative Tourism to Tourism Entrepreneurship; Agusdin Agusdin  
Chapter 23. Sharing Economy and Entrepreneurship in Tourism; Vasiliki Avgeli

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