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The Economics of Innovation Vol: 286

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30 Jun 2008
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
252 pages - 152 x 229 x 23mm
Contributions to Economic Analysis


The book is a collection of original research papers by a number of industrial organization economists active in the field of Research and Development theory and policy. The contributions gathered here cover several relevant topics in this area; namely patent policy, the effects of market structure and the internal organization of the firm on R&D incentives and technical progress, R&D cooperation and technological spillovers, innovation and the entry process. Comprehensive views of the acquired knowledge of these topics are presented together with new insights on these issues, including policy insights wherever appropriate. The book is intended for professional researchers in industrial organization, antitrust officers, plus graduate students (at both Master and PhD level).
Chapter 1 Rent Dissipation in R&D Races. Chapter 2 Innovation, Duplication, and the Contract Theory of Patents. Chapter 3 On Patent Licensing. Chapter 4 Spillovers, Stable R&D Cooperations, and Social Welfare. Chapter 5 Strategic R&D with Uncertainty. Chapter 6 Coopting “Decisive” Technical Advances. Chapter 7 Efficiency of Joint Enterprises with Internal Bargaining. Chapter 8 Equilibrium Research Joint Ventures. Chapter 9 Product and Process Innovation in Differential Games with Managerial Firms. Chapter 10 Delegation in an R&D Game with Spillovers. List of Contributors. The Editors' Preface. Contents. Subject Index. Volume Editors. Volume Editors. Copyright page.

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