The Economics of Airport Operations Vol: 6

James Peoples
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

John Bitzan
North Dakota State University, USA

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03 Oct 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
456 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Airline Economics
Airports serve an essential role in domestic and international travel, facilitating the origination, termination, and connections of air flights. Airport services enhance regional, national, and global connections, increasing the mobility of people worldwide and enhancing local and regional economies. Although there is a large amount of literature that examines airline costs and productivity, consumer welfare from air travel, and the influence of economic regulation of airline services, there is much less literature that examines airports. This is important, as airport operations play a critical role in influencing airline travel. This volume examines the role that airports play in economic development and land values, the regulation and economic efficiency of airports, airport pricing and competition, and the role played by airports in influencing airline operations and networks.
1. Introduction; John Bitzan
2. Light Handed Regulation of Airport Services: An alternative Approach to Direct Regulation; Margaret Arblaster 
3. Two-Sidedness and Welfare Neutrality in Airport Concessions; Tiziano D’Alfonso and Valentina Bracaglia 
4. Estimation of Allocative Efficiency in Airports for a Pre-Privatized Period; Soraya Hidalgo-Gallego, Valeriano Martinez-San Roman and Ramon Nunez-Sanchez 
5. Airport-Airline Arrangements: An Interpretative Review of Industry Practices and Recent Studies; Xiaowen Fu and Hanjun Yang 
6. Airport and Airline Relationship of Multiple Functional Structures; Katsuya Hihara  
7. Pricing of Airport Operations; Gisle Solvoll and Terje A. Mathisen 
8. The Cost Structure of the Airport Industry: Methodological Issues and Empirical Evidence; Anna Bottasso and Maurizio Conti 
9. Airport Charges – Interaction Between Airlines and Airports; Terje A. Mathisen, Finn Jergensen, Pal A. Pedersen and Georgina Santos 
10. Spatial Evolution of Airports: A New Geographical Economics Perspective; Tay T. R. Koo and Aandreas Papatheodorou  
11. The Heterogenous Impact of Airports on Population and Employment Growth in Cities; Marquis McGraw 
12. The Effect of international Airports on Commercial Property Values: Case Studies of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Vancouver, BC, Canada; Jeffrey Cohen, Mike Brown 
13. Airport Congestion and Airline Network Structures; Xavier Fageda and Ricardo Flores-Fillol 
14. Low-Cost Carriers and Airports: A Complex Relationship; Antonion Laurino and Paolo Beria 
15. Benchmarking Worldwide Airport Connectivity with Demand Data: Global Hub Competition, New Players, and the Hidden Potential of Self-Connectivity; Pere Suau-Sanchez, Augusto Voltes-Dorta, Hector Rodriguez-Deniz

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