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The Dynamics of Intervention: Regulation and Redistribution in the Mixed Economy Vol: 8

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01 Jun 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
468 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
Advances in Austrian Economics


Since the works by Ludwig von Mises and F.A. von Hayek in the 1920s, the Austrian School of Economics has developed a unique analysis of how the interventions by governments may cause problems, which in turn may lead to calls for further intervention. The Austrian concept of how such a dynamic of interventionism may evolve has however never been very influential outside the Austrian School nor been widely applied for empirical studies. This volume seeks to bring together economists and political scientists with perspectives from both Austrian and public choice analysis so as to further enrich and apply the Mises-Hayek logic, as well as critically assess its value.
1.The dynamics of intervention. The political economy of the dynamic nature of government intervention: An introduction to potentials and problems (P. Kurrild-Klitgaard). The dynamics of interventionism (S. Ikeda). From Laissez-Faire to Zwangswirtschaft: The dynamics of interventionism (J. Hagel Iii, W. E. Grinder). Austrian economics, praxeology and intervention (W. Block, W. Barnett II). 5. Regulation, more regulation, partial deregulation, and reregulation: The disequilibrating nature of a rent-seeking society (B. L. Benson).6. The Austrian theory of the business cycle: Reflections on some socio-economic effects (W. E. Grinde, J. Hagel III). The political economy of crisis management: Surprise, urgency, and mistakes in political decision making (R. D. Congleton). The conflict about the middle of the road: The Austrians versus public choice (E. Moberg). If government is so villainous, how come government officials dont seem like villains? with a new postscript (D. B. Klein). 10. Ulysses and the rent-seekers: The benefits and Challenges of constitutional constraints on Leviathan (P.Kurrild-Klitgaard). The ongoing growth of Government in the economically advanced countries (R. Higgs). Interventionist dynamics in the U.S. energy industry (R. L. Bradley, Jr.). The dynamics of interventionism: A case study of British land Use regulation (M. Pennington). Harm reduction and sin taxes: Why Gary Becker is wrong (M. Thornton). 15. Government regulation of behavior In public insurance systems (R.. Hoijer). Interventionism and the structure of the Nazi State, 1933-39 (O. Volckart). Law and politics: Reflexions upon the concept of a spontaneous order and the EU (J.-E. Lane). 2. The Austrian business cycle debate. Professor Tullock on Austrian business cycle theory (W. Block, W. Barnett II). The Austrian view of depressions (G. Tullock).

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