The Definitive Guide to Blockchain for Accounting and Business: Understanding the Revolutionary Technology

Saurav K. Dutta
Curtin University, Australia

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30 Sep 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
320 pages - 152 x 229mm
Blockchain: a disruptive technology, or a new chance for the business world? The answer is both. With potential to change how economic transactions are recorded, stored, and verified, blockchain is changing the very face of the accounting industry. Despite its ramifications, business students of today and the practicing accountants of tomorrow are not being adequately trained in this new technology, due to a lack of resources exploring it from an accountant and business expert's perspective. 

 Through its discussion of real-world and 'use-cases' The Definitive Guide to Blockchain for Business and Accounting distils an abstract technology into relatable experiences for business professionals. Including chapters from practicing professionals in the blockchain industry, The Definitive Guide shows readers how this innovative technology is changing the fundamentals of the business world. With international subject matter experts, this exciting new book includes perspectives from accountants, auditors, CEOs and CTOs on how blockchain is rewriting the future of the business and accounting world.
Chapter 1. Introduction; Saurav Dutta 
Chapter 2. Infrastructure Supporting Bitcoin – Blockchain; Saurav Dutta 
Chapter 3. Basic Primer on Blockchain Terminology; Saurav Dutta 
Chapter 4. The Consensus Mechanism; Saurav Dutta 
Chapter 5. Smart Contracts; Saurav Dutta 
Chapter 6. Tokenization; Saurav Dutta 
Chapter 7. A Framework to Evaluate Blockchain Use-Cases; Phillip G. Bradford and Roger M. Benites
Chapter 8. Financing Corporate Expansion Through Tokenization; Mike Rogers
Chapter 9. A Transparent New World: Ethically Sourced Mineral Supply Chain; Nathan Williams and David Lee Williams
Chapter 10. Tokenization of the Japanese Real Estate Market; Mike Rogers
Chapter 11. Blockchain-supported Business Innovations; Saurav Dutta
Chapter 12. Internal Controls; Gerard Brennan
Chapter 13. Future Directions; Saurav Dutta

Professor Saurav Dutta is Head of the School of Accounting at Curtin University, Australia. His academic career spans over 25 years, during which he has engaged in high-impact research which has greatly informed industry practices. He is the author of Statistical Techniques for Forensic Accounting: Understanding the Theory and Applications of Data Analysis. He has published over forty publications in research journals.
'I have no doubt that Professor Dutta’s book will be very well-received. He presents a clear and comprehensive overview of developments in blockchain technology that is both timely and highly accessible to those looking to understand its wide range of business and industry applications.' - Professor Deborah Terry AO, Vice-Chancellor, Curtin University, Australia

'A very intuitive and comprehensive book on blockchain technology and its business applications. Particularly relevant for professionals to understand the implications for business and accounting.' - Wes Bricker, Vice Chair—US and Mexico Assurance Leader, PwC U.S.A.

'Blockchain technologies have redefined the way businesses operate. A great book for those who want to master the knowledge of blockchain.' - Deborah Leung, FCPA, Executive General Manager International, CPA Australia

'A well written book that provides a timely examination of the many challenges and opportunities afforded by blockchain technology. Thoroughly recommended reading for professionals, managers and educators.' - John Cordery, Provost, Curtin University, Perth, Australia.

'Through the description of various scenarios, this book illustrates blueprints for possible applications of blockchain. This book will lead in the education of future professionals in accounting and business.' - Birong Dong, Vice President, Nanjing Audit University, Nanjing, P. R. China

'A great account of evolving blockchain technology and its application across varying industry sectors. Will be a key resource in educating accounting and business professionals of the future.' - Colin Pavlovich, Group CFO, Navitas, Australia.

'An excellent coverage of blockchain evolution with an industry perspective of how it will mature in the future. It has several examples of how blockchain will be used, and that makes it easier for readers to apply the blockchain techniques as well.' - Shyam Mamidi, CEO, Natsoft Corporation, Singapore

'Professor Dutta is a brilliant researcher, recognized teacher and an accomplished administrator. In this timely book, he guides a non-technical reader through a complex topic with effortless ease. A must-read for everyone connected with Business.' - Bin Srinidhi, Carlock Endowed Distinguished Professor, College of Business, University of Texas at Arlington, USA

'Professor Saurav Dutta has been engaged in accounting education and research for many years and is committed to promoting academic and cultural exchange between China and Australia. The blockchain era has arrived which will bring many changes to accounting and finance professions. This book will enhance our understanding of the subject, deeply and comprehensively.' - Xiao Xue, Editor in Chief: Friend of Accounting.

'A valuable resource for business and accounting professionals to gain a non-technical perspective o. AADDn the inherent opportunities in blockchain.'  - Professor Carla Wilkin, Head of Accounting, Monash University, Sydney, Australia

'An outstanding and valuable work for the accounting professionals and learners to understand how to apply the method of blockchain on accounting and business management.' - Professor Tao Meng, Dean of International Business College, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Dalian, P.R. China.

'This is a timely book explaining the essence of blockchain technology as digital ledger creating an incorruptible and de-centralised record-keeping system. Professor Dutta discusses the potential impact on bookkeeping processes and the required skillsets. The book is highly recommended for teaching students and upskilling professionals in the industry.' - Claus Otto, Director, Oil and Gas Innovation Centre, Curtin University, Australia

'Professor Dutta has provided a fascinating and comprehensive introduction to a technology with critical applications to financial reporting, risk management, and auditing.' - David Marcinko, Emeritus Professor, State University of New York, NY, USA

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