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The Dark Side of Leadership: Identifying and Overcoming Unethical Practice in Organizations Vol: 26

Anthony H. Normore
California State University Dominguez Hills, USA

Jeffrey S. Brooks
Monash University, Australia

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14 Dec 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
296 pages - 152 x 229 x 21mm
Advances in Educational Administration
This book explores the dark side of leadership–those areas of unethical, unlawful and unconscionable practice in which some organizational leaders engage. Each chapter addresses a unique aspect of such practice, and takes on difficult (and often ignored) topics such as lying, deliberate miscommunication, racism, corruption, sexism, ageism, greed, abuse of power, and recruiting and promoting unqualified personnel to leadership positions. The authors identify organizational issues and problems while also offering solutions to improve leadership practices that prevent interpersonal, organizational, and institutional toxicity. The general content is framed by, but not limited to, theoretical frameworks, such as ethics, values, chaos and complexity theory, power, free will, trust, critical race theory, systems theory, cultural (in)competency, and social justice. Importantly, the book includes scholars from around the world (e.g., Canada, Australia, Israel, USA) and learners of leadership from across sectors such as higher education, K-12 education, public safety, communication, business, and other relational-oriented fields of inquiry and practice.
INTRODUCTION 1. “Irresponsible Leadership” And Unethical Practices In Schools: A Conceptual Framework Of The “Dark Side” Of Educational Leadership - Izhar Oplatka 2. Anatomy Of An Organizational Train Wreck: A Failed Leadership Paradigm - Alexandro Villanueva 3. A Consideration Of Ethical Leadership In Ontario University Governance - Heather M. Rintoul and Duncan MacLellan 4. Rethinking Leadership In K-12: Ensuring That Those In Positions Of Leadership Are Also Positioned To Lead - Julie Slayton 5. Unethical Decision-Making Of School Principals And Vice-Principals In The Arab Education System In Israel: The Interplay Between Culture And Ethnicity - Khalid Arar 6. “Strong People Don't Need Strong Leaders” - Joan T. Wynne 7. Coming In From Out Of The Dark - Frederick C. Buskey and Mary Hemphill 8. The Destructive Effects Of Distrust: Leaders As Brokers Of Trust In Organizations - Benjamin Kutsyuruba and Keith D. Walker 9. Global Core Leadership Competencies: A Response To “Institutional Culture” And (In)- Competence In Higher Education - Anthony “Tony” H. Normore, Jeffrey S. Brooks and Sara A. M. Silva 10. Performance ? Leadership: Shifting Institutional Research Performance - Scott Eacott 11. Increasing Darkness: Combining Toxic Leadership And Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, And Ambiguity (VUCA) - Steven R. Watt, Mitch Javidi and Anthony H. Normore 12. The Seven Deadly Narratives Of Leadership - Keith D. Walker and Benjamin Kutsyuruba 13. Perpetuating Inequality In Education: Valuing Purpose Over Process In Educational Leadership - Richard Niesche 14. Why Leaders Are Not Always To Blame: From “Free Will” To Responsible Action - Gabriele Lakomski
Anthony “Tony” H. Normore, California State University Dominguez Hills and International Academy of Public Safety, Carson Los Angeles, CA, USA Jeffrey S. Brooks, Monash University, Victoria, Australia

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