The Business of Choice: How Human Instinct Influences Everyone's Decisions

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28 Sep 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
312 pages - 152 x 229mm
In this 2nd edition of award winning The Business of Choice, expert author and consultant Matthew Willcox explores the science of influencing choice, bringing together the work of thousands of behavioral scientists and practitioners. Cutting to the heart of the science, Willcox helps you apply this to your own marketing and brand strategies, allowing you to use an understanding of how humans naturally decide to make your brand or business a natural choice. 

The Business of Choice takes you through the story of how instinct affects our decisions, from its roots in our evolutionary history, to technology and artificial intelligence today. You'll discover how human nature affects how people decide, whether they are making choices for grocery shopping, or their retirement investments.  

The first edition of The Business of Choice was awarded the 2016 Berry – American Marketing Association Book Prize for Best Book in Marketing.
Chapter 1. The Business of Choice 
Chapter 2. The Ever-Advancing Science of Choice 
Chapter 3. The Natural History of Choice 
Chapter 4. Shortcuts Versus Analysis—Ignoring Is Decisional Bliss 
Chapter 5. Getting Familiar
Chapter 6. Thanks for Sharing (Whether You Meant to or Not) 
Chapter 7. Now, and the Future—Different Places with Different Rules 
Chapter 8. Loss and Ownership 
Chapter 9. Make People Feel Smart, Attractive—or Even Lucky 
Chapter 10. Make It Easy—For the Mind and the Body 
Chapter 11. Never Be Above Comparison 
Chapter 12. If Content Is King, Context Is Queen 
Chapter 13. Same and Different; Nature and Nurture 
Chapter 14. The Power of Affirmation 
Chapter 15. Think Differently about Market Research 
Chapter 16. Think Differently about How You Work 
Chapter 17. Choosing Without Choosing—Artificial Intelligence and Choice
Matthew Willcox runs a behavioural science insights and choice architecture consultancy. He is one of the pioneers of the application of behavioral insights to marketing and founded The Institute of Decision Making in 2009 as a bridge between marketers and scientists who study human behaviour.
'The insights that Matthew brings about how we really make choices are interesting and relevant to anyone working in marketing or selling, but are even more astonishing and invaluable to anyone with the curiosity about the human condition.' - Alan Jope, CEO, Unilever

'Understanding how it is that human beings make choices—the complexity of inputs, the evolutionary success factors, and the cognitive processes—makes for fascinating subject matter. Matthew’s experience in advertising and his understanding of the science of decision making come together here to make for an insightful and incredibly useful tool.' - Jennifer Sey, CMO Global Brands at Levi's, and one of Forbes’ “World’s Most Influential CMOs 2019"

'Matthew Willcox bridges the practical and academic worlds of marketing better than anyone I know. In The Business of Choice, he lucidly explains what marketing practitioners can learn from marketing academics—and vice-versa and makes an excellent case for strengthening the ties between the two disciplines. The result is a fascinating and charming read.' - Adam Alter, Associate Professor of Marketing. NYU Stern School of Business, and New York Times best-selling author of Drunk Tank Pink: And Other Unexpected Forces That Shape How We Think, Feel, and Behave and Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked

'The Business of Choice shines a light on the deep human truths that have driven behavior for millions of years. Incorporate these into your marketing, and the chances are you will be tapping into something truly fundamental for your brand.' - James Hallatt, Senior Vice President, Vemedia Consumer Health Group

'The Business of Choice is revolutionary. Informed by psychology and neuroscience, and infused with wit, it challenges the very foundations of rationality on which modern marketing is built and invites us to see people as they are – complex, emotional, irrational, human.' - Kofi Amoo-Gottfried, VP of Marketing, DoorDas

'The Business of Choice is a brilliant tour of human behaviour that is of interest way beyond marketing. It has helped me as a Physician - with patients and colleagues alike - particularly in my role driving the behaviour change needed for transition to models of digital health.' - Nicholas Peters, Professor of Cardiology at Imperial College and head of DASH (Devices, Apps, Sensors in Health)

'I found The Business of Choice to be afresh illuminating and entertaining read that helped me reframe how I think about solving my business objectives. As a marketer, the more I understand how and why people make the choices they do, the better chance I have of creating offers or communications that respect people’s natural tendencies and desires. Matthew's book is insightful, humorous and actionable.' - Rebecca Van Dyck, Chief Marketing Officer, AR/VR at Facebook

'There are many great reasons to choose this book, all of which you’ll understand better by the time you get to the end of it.' - Mark Barden, Partner, eatbigfish, and author of A Beautiful Constraint

'How we human beings make decisions is complex and fascinating, and nobody brings that to life quite like Matthew Willcox. His deep knowledge and practical insights are invaluable, not just for marketers, but for anyone in the business of understanding and influencing decisions. And that’s everyone in business.' - Matt Williams, Managing Partner at Brand Federation, Visiting Clinical Professor at William & Mary Raymond A. Mason School of Business

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