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The ’C-Suite’ Executive Leader in Sport: Contemporary Global Challenges for Elite Professionals

Ian Lawrence
Teesside University Business School, UK

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19 Apr 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
284 pages - 152 x 229mm
The 'C-Suite' Executive Leader in Sport explores the challenges of this unique role within elite professional sport.

Taking a multidisciplinary approach, the book blends academic theory with practitioner interviews from leading figures working a range of elite sporting disciplines and organisations, enhancing understanding of the C-Suite executive within the world of elite sports, where the exploration of the role remains ambiguous and conflicted.

The 'C-Suite' Executive Leader in Sport studies a range of issues including global sport governance and best practice, high performance organisations, masterminding innovation and change, diversity and inclusion, current and future key challenges faced by sports organisations, C-Suite leader education and professional development, and the future of the C-Suite leader in elite sport.

Examining the lived experience of C-Suite executives, contributors analyse how this relates to existing research, seeking to inform and challenge those individuals responsible for identification, recruitment and promotion of C-Suite sports industry personnel. The book's findings have far reaching implications for analysis of C-Suite effectiveness and efficiency across sporting sectors.
Chapter 1. Origins of the C-Suite
Chapter 2. Leadership 
Chapter 3. High Performance Organisations
Chapter 4. Masterminding Innovation and Change
Chapter 5. The ‘Best’ Person for the Job 
Chapter 6. Inclusion and Diversity in the Boardroom 
Chapter 7. C-Suite Leader Education and Professional Development
Chapter 8. The Future of the C-Suite Leader in Elite Sport
Ian Lawrence is a sports business consultant. He is the author of Football Club Management: Insights from the Field (2018) and Soccer and the American Dream (2018).

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