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Telecommunications and Socio-Economic Development

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16 Oct 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
460 pages - 156 x 234 x 26mm


Telecommunications systems are central to the development of a global economy, and are fundamental to the means by which most business is conducted, organised and managed. Supported by recent sophisticated econometric analyses, the International Telecommunications Union considers the link between telecommunications and economic development to be axiomatic. This volume takes a broader view. Four themes are considered: Telecommunications and Development focuses on new technology diffusion, and the regional impact of telecommunications investment. International Dimensions provides an examination of the political, strategic and legal environment within which new communications technology evolves and is employed. Organisational Aspects is concerned with organisation-specific analyses of the role and impact of telecommunications within firms. Such an approach avoids the 'telecommunications as oil' treatment of much recent analysis. Country Studies examines telecommunications issues in the Asia-Pacific region, South America, and the former communist nations of Central and Eastern Europe. The papers tacitly stress the importance of path dependence; that is, institutional features and history, are important in determining telecommunications futures.
Section headings and selected chapters. Telecommunications and Development. Telecommunications infrastructure and invention, innovation, and diffusion process (S. Braman). Measuring the gains from Asia-Pacific trade in telecommunications (G. Madden, S.J. Savage). International Dimensions. Contested arenas in international telecommunications: towards and integral political perspective (R. Joseph, P. Drahos). Strategic alliances for the provision of new telecommunications services: a methodological approach to a European satellite system (B. Sapio, P. Bonazinga). Organisational Aspects. Explaining the use of inter-firm data networks for electronic transactions: the case of the pharmaceutical and advertising industries in France (L. Caby et al.). Telecommunications and market efficiency: the missing link (T. Newstead). Country Studies. From path-dependent processes of structural change to a diversity of market models in central European countries' telecommunications (H. Kontkiewicz-Chachulska, D. Phan). Liberalisation and privatisation: telecommunications reforms in Sri Lanka (S. Jayasuriya, M. Knight-John).

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