Technical Services in the 21st Century Vol: 42

Samantha Schmehl Hines
Peninsula College Library, USA

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08 Jan 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
248 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Library Administration and Organization
While librarianship in general has had to respond to constant revolutionary change, technical services have faced much more immediate challenges, having nearly been completely reimagined in the 21st century. By showcasing the work of technical services, and the ground-breaking changes they have encountered, this edited collection provides readers with an opportunity to re-assess the opportunities and challenges for library administration, and to understand how libraries should be managed in the future.  

Including thirteen chapters from a variety of libraries, this collection examines several aspects of technical services work in the 21st century. The authors offer thoughtful applied theoretical solutions to practical problems encountered by library administrators and managers in four broad categories: planning and assessment, workflows, data, and acquisitions. Geared at library managers and administrators, readers of this volume may understand new trends in technical services work, how previous structures and workflows fit in and are evolving, and the new ways that in which we might describe, assess and carry out what we do in libraries.
Chapter 1. Guiding Principles for Technical Services through a Content Analysis of Strategic Plans; Abigail Bibee, Erin Gallagher and David Isaak
Chapter 2. More Than Meets the Eye: Technical Services Work as Outreach; Whitney A. Buccicone and Kristin Browning Leaman
Chapter 3. Complex Adaptive Systems in Technical Services: A Functional Model for Assessing Institutional Alignment; Nina Servizzi
Chapter 4.Process Mapping and High Performance Management in Technical Services; Kristy White
Chapter 5. Faculty Workload Guidelines in Technical Services; Aimée deChambeau, Ian McCollough, Melanie McGurr and Mike Monaco
Chapter 6. Life-cycle Package Management for Print and Electronic Resources: Cross-training a Customer-Oriented Technical Services Team; Beth Ashmore, Maria Collins, Christenna Hutchins and Lynn Whittenberger
Chapter 7. Two Separate Worlds, One Shared Goal: An Exploration of Special Collections Catalogers' Reporting Lines and Institutional Organization; Colleen W. Barrett, Whitney A. Buccicone and Joseph J. Shankweiler
Chapter 8. You Are What You Measure; Sarah Theimer
Chapter 9. Moving Towards BIBFRAME and a Linked Data Environment; Misu Kim, Mingyu Chen and Debbie Montgomery
Chapter 10. Data of E-Resources: Moving Forward with Assessment; Jessica Urick Oberlin
Chapter 11. From Silo to the Web: Library Cataloging Data in an Open Environment; Jo Williams
Chapter 12. The Death of the Big Deal and Implications for Technical Services; Angela Maranville and Karen Diaz
Chapter 13. Purchasing Models for Streaming Film: Attitudes and Motivation; Lindsey Reno
Samantha Schmehl Hines is Associate Dean of Instructional Resources at Peninsula College, USA, where she oversees library, eLearning and tutoring services. A professional librarian since 2003, she considers the role of the modern academic library to be that of engaging scholars in conversation with one another, with a focus on the creation and dissemination of knowledge in all formats. Samantha’s research focuses on the use of online education to deliver antiracist training for library managers.

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