Teaching from the Emerging Now

Linnette Werner
Hamline University, USA

David Hellstrom
University of Minnesota, USA

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22 Feb 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
152 pages - 152 x 229mm
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Microaggressions, complex identities, polarized belief systems, pandemic interruptions-- these are just a few of the things the modern classroom holds. What if we could work with what emerges in the moment instead of seeing it as an unplanned disruption? Teaching from the Emerging Now explores how we combine our intention with what naturally emerges to create inclusive, dynamic classrooms amid constant change.

The Intentional Emergence model combines Case-in-Point and Adaptive Leadership with compassion and culturally responsive pedagogy to develop a new teaching and learning style. This approach takes the fear out of being surprised, provides concrete ways to both support and challenge students, and reimagines the classroom as a living leadership laboratory. Beyond bridging theory to practice, by rethinking the classroom from a place to impart knowledge to a shared space of co-creation, faculty, teachers, and trainers are better able to meet the increasingly diverse needs of learners.
Chapter 1. Intentional Emergence as a Way of Teaching 
Chapter 2. Understand Your Intentions, Identities, and Triggers 
Chapter 3. Build a Container 
Chapter 4. Use TASCs 
Chapter 5. Give the Work Back 
Chapter 6. See the Moments 
Chapter 7. Notice Compassionately 
Chapter 8. Regulate the Heat 
Chapter 9. Offer Challenge with Support 
Chapter 10. See the Limitations; Dangers 
Chapter 11. Take the Next Steps
Linnette Werner, Ph.D., serves as Associate Dean at Hamline University. Previously, Linnette spent 13 years as the Director of the Undergraduate Leadership Minor at the University of Minnesota where she worked to align its curriculum to the civic engagement mission of the University of Minnesota, increase its capacity, provide instructor mentoring, and begin research initiatives.

David Hellstrom, M.A., is a well-loved national leadership trainer and speaker, having been the keynote speaker at more than 300 colleges and universities in the last two decades on leadership and self-development. David’s efforts have brought him an Omni Education Award, an appearance on the TODAY™ Show with Katie Couric, and many accolades.

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