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Symbolic Interactionist Takes on Music Vol: 47

Norman K. Denzin
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Christopher J. Schneider
Brandon University, Canada

Joseph A. Kotarba
Texas State University, USA

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06 Oct 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
232 pages - 152 x 229 x 17mm
Studies in Symbolic Interaction


Participants from Couch-Stone Symposium 2014 have transformed their presentations into elegant papers for this collection. Chapters fall into three categorical themes, largely reflecting their position in the symposium but, more importantly, reflecting a natural progression in scope of symbolic interactionist work in music: moving from observations of the individual to observation of organizations to interdisciplinary observations of music from scholars in related disciplines.
Introduction - Popular Music in Everyday Lives - Joseph A. Kotarba Saved by Rock ‘N’ Roll: Lou Reed, His Fans, and the Becoming of the (Marginal) Self - Thaddeus Muller Crews, Camps, and Communities: Place and Belonging in Jam Festival Scenes - Robert Owen Gardner Feminizing a Musical Form: Women’s Participation as Barbershop Singers - Jeffrey E. Nash and Dina C. Nash “When I Feel a Song in Me”: Exploring Emotions Through the Creative Song-writing Process - Maggie Colleen Cobb Negotiating Fan Identities in K-Pop Music Culture - J. Patrick Williams Music Videos on YouTube: Exploring Participatory Culture on Social Media - Christopher J. Schneider Musical Interactions: Girls Who Like and Use Rap Music for Empowerment - Raphael Travis, Scott W. Bowman, Joshua Childs and Renee Villanueva The Church and the Streets: An Ethnographic Study of the Christian Hip Hop Music Scene in Central Texas - Jonafa Banbury “Are You in the Pit?” Role Embracement Among Online Rock Fans - Andrea Baker Musical Pastiche: The Case of Matisyahu - Thaddeus Atzmon Music Is Rhythm, Rhythm Is Life: The Living Moment - Eugene Halton
Edited by Christopher J. Schneider, Brandon University, Canada Joseph A. Kotarba, Texas State University, USA

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