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Sustainable Transport for Chinese Cities Vol: 3

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16 Jan 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
380 pages - 156 x 234 x 28mm
Transport and Sustainability


The volume is based on papers presented at a workshop on the green transport agenda and its implications for Chinese cities, organised by the World Conference on Transport Research Society in September 2010. The five sections of this volume review the challenges facing urban transport internationally and in China. It considers approaches to policy formulation, the challenge of urban mobility and the development of green sustainable transportation, by reviewing best practice in objective setting, strategy analysis and policy selection, and comparing these with current practice in China. The authors examine passenger transport, and considers a number of current policy interventions in China and compare these with western experience with demand management and new vehicle technologies. Topics include 5D land-use transport model for a high density, rapidly growing city and Contextual requirements for electric vehicles in developed and developing countries. Finally freight and logistics is addressed, including the role of freight villages and milk run strategies, and challenges and policy recommendations for road freight in Shanghai.
List of Contributors. Introduction. Projecting Global Urbanization and the Growth of Megacities. Implementing Sustainable Urban Travel Policies in China. The Three Stages of Accessibility: The Coming Challenge of Urban Mobility. The Development of Green Sustainable Transportation in China. Managing Urban Mobility Systems Through a Cross-Assessment Model Within the Framework of Land-use and Transport Integration. Delivering a More Sustainable Urban Environment through Transport Policy Packages. Delivering Transport Policy Change in China: Lessons from the UK. A 5D Land-use Transport Model for a High Density, Rapidly Growing City. Reducing Car Use in Urban Areas. Contextual Requirements for Electric Vehicles in Developed and Developing Countries: The Example of China. The Effectiveness of the Construction of the Bus Rapid Transit in Xiamen City. The Integration of the Connection Between Land Use and Traffic Surrounding Rail Transit Stations: The Case of Nanjing. Logistics and the City: The Key Issue of Freight Villages. Efficient Green Logistics in Urban Areas: Milk Run Logistics in the Automotive Industry. The Challenges and Policy Recommendations for Road Freight in Shanghai. Conclusions. About the Authors. Subject Index. Sustainable Transport for Chinese Cities. Transport and Sustainability. Transport and Sustainability. Copyright page.

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