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Sustainable Politics and the Crisis of the Peripheries: Ireland and Greece Vol: 8

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17 Nov 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
237 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Advances in Ecopolitics


This volume of the "Advances in Ecopolitics" examines the impact of the economic crisis on peripheral European states such as Ireland and Greece. Following an introductory chapter, it is divided into two geographically-focused sections, the first on Ireland, the second section on Greece. Specifically the book focuses on governance, sustainable politics and environmental policies, within the context of accelerated growth and the subsequent economic downturn. It also examines issues of governance and politics within these peripheral states, in addition to the development of policies within an EU/EC context. The book concludes with a discussion of the future for sustainable politics in the peripheral states of Europe, in the aftermath of the global downturn. "Advances in Ecopolitics" is essential reading for all academics, researchers and practitioners who are involved in the areas of environmentalism, providing insight and extending understanding of these issues.
List of Editors/Contributors. Introduction. Chapter 1 ‘The Myth of the Celtic Tiger’: The Political Economy of Irish Development Since the 1990s. Chapter 2 Power, corruption and lies: Irish political, economic and social policy: 1900–2011. Chapter 3 Sustainability and community: ‘The un-sustainability of the social model of neo-liberal globalisation and the speechlessness of the community at the periphery’. Chapter 4 Social partnership and the fiscal crisis in Ireland: Acceptance or acquiescence?. Chapter 5 An issue history and event analysis of the green party and sustainable politics in Ireland. Chapter 6 Euro's crisis: From the sovereigns to the banks and back to the sovereigns. Chapter 7 Greece and the EU: Promoting the idea of sustainable development. Easy to plan, hard to achieve. Chapter 8 Green politics in Greece at the time of fiscal crisis. Chapter 9 Environmental policy in Greece reloaded: Plurality, participation and the Sirens of neo-centralism. Chapter 10 Social capital and environmental policies in Greece. Conclusion: Peripheral P.I.G.S. in the last chance saloon…. About the Editors. About the Authors. Sustainable Politics and the Crisis of the Peripheries: Ireland and Greece. Advances in Ecopolitics. Sustainable Politics and the Crisis of the Peripheries: Ireland and Greece. Copyright page.

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