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Sustainable Logistics Vol: 6

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03 Dec 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
310 pages - 152 x 229 x 20mm
Transport and Sustainability
This book will bring a state of the art overview of the research done in sustainable logistics. It will be structured along the four A's of sustainable logistics:- 1 Awareness: it is important that companies and policy makers are aware of the effects of their activities and policies. New methods to estimate the effects of the logistic activities and the change towards more sustainable ways will be covered. 2 Avoidance: transport can be avoided by a better collaboration between actors (vertically and horizontally. Papers covering this topic will be introduced here. 3 Acting and shifting the goods to more environmental friendly modes or to the non peak hours. 4 Anticipation of new technologies: the use of more environmental friendly vehicles (electric,.LNG,..) within the logistic chain.
Options for Competitive and Sustainable Logistics. Mitigating the Negative Environmental Impacts of Long Haul Freight Transport. Comparison of Vehicle Miles Traveled and Pollution from Three Goods Movement Strategies. Assessing Urban Logistics Pooling Sustainability via a Hierarchic Dashboard from a Group Decision Perspective. The Shades of Green in Retail Chains’ Logistics. Packaging for Eco-Efficient Supply Chains: Why Logistics Should Get Involved in the Packaging Development Process. Freight Transport Mode Choice and Mode Shift in New Zealand: Findings of a Revealed Preference Survey. Business Models for Shipper-Operated Intermodal Transport Solutions. Intermodal Break-Even Distances: A Fetish of 300 Kilometres?. The Cargo Tram: Current Status and Perspectives, the Example of Brussels. Towards Zero Emission Urban Logistics: Challenges and Issues for Implementation of Electric Freight Vehicles in City Logistics. The Cost and Effectiveness of Sustainable City Logistics Policies Using Small Electric Vehicles. About the Authors. About the Editors. Copyright page. Sustainable Logistics. Index. The 4 A’s of Sustainable Logistics. List of Contributors. Transport and Sustainability. Sustainable Logistics. Transport and Sustainability Editorial Board.

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