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Sustainability after Rio Vol: 8

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14 Dec 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
280 pages - 152 x 229 x 19mm
Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility
It is now 20 years since the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, better known as the Earth Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro. An important achievement of the conference was an agreement on the Climate Change Convention which in turn led to the Kyoto Protocol. Another was agreement to 'not carry out any activities on the lands of indigenous peoples that would cause environmental degradation or that would be culturally inappropriate'. Recently we have seen an updated and revised conference in Rio where the same issues were again discussed. Since then ideas about sustainability have changed considerably and to some extent they have merged with ideas about corporate social responsibility and about governance, determined by the economic and political fortunes of the actors involved. It is now time therefore to re-examine the concept of sustainability in the aftermath of this conference and to consider what issues are now considered pertinent around the world. This book therefore takes different positions concerning different aspects of this vital topic.
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Objectives, Outcomes and Corporate Accountability. Developments in Corporate Water Accounting and Accountability. Would A Water Footprint Label Deliver Greater Accountability? A Case Study Examination within the Context of a Book Retailer and Related Parties. A Preliminary Analysis of the Impact of UN MDGs and RIO?+?20 on Corporate Social Accountability Practices. Toxic Products and Hazardous Waste: The Global Asbestos Issue. Do CSR Determinants Stimulate Profits: Analysis of Retail Companies in UK. Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Nigerian Mining Industry: Host Communities’ Perspectives. Corporate Accountability in Relation to Human Rights: Have RIOs Done Enough?. Heterarchial Networks for Global Corporations: Emerging Unstructured Complexity in Regulatory Landscape. Lax Privatisation from Lax Governance. Social Responsibility of Statutory Auditors. Introduction: Sustainability Reconsidered. List of Contributors. Copyright page. Sustainability After Rio. Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility. Sustainability After Rio.

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