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Surveillance and Governance Vol: 10

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08 Apr 2008
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
392 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance


This volume presents recent insights in the sociological study of surveillance and governance in the context of criminal justice and other control strategies. The chapters provide a varied set of theoretical perspectives and substantive research domains on the qualities and quantities of some of the most recent transformations of social control as well as their historical precursors in diverse social settings. The contributors to this volume testify to the increasing relevance of surveillance and governance across the globe as well as the cross-national study thereof. Among the central issues discussed is the relationship between state and non-state mechanisms of surveillance.Moreover, many of the new technologies that a decade ago led to analytical reflections of the highest order today have become banal in their everyday application and routine diffusion. What can sociologists intelligently say about these developments in both empirical and theoretical respects? Creatively exploring many facets of the broader constellation of contemporary surveillance and governance strategies with respect to both crime control and related developments, the contributors of this volume offer provocative and thoughtful reflections that will stimulate our theoretical thinking about relevant issues.This is a contemporary study of surveillance and governance. It includes contributions from an international group of leading scholars.
Community, surveillance and border control: The case of the minuteman project. The politics of sight/site: Locating cameras in Vancouver's public spaces. The conquest of space: New York City's new frontier of social control. The check and the guardianship: A comparison of surveillance at an airport and a housing-estate area in the Paris outskirts. : Global control without a state?Lex vigilatoria. Technologies of the body, technologies of the self: House arrest as neo-liberal governance. Academia, surveillance, and the FBI: A short history. “What if she's from the FBI?” The effects of covert forms of social control on social movements. Plural policing and CCTV surveillance. The new lateral surveillance and a culture of suspicion. Citizenship, hyper-surveillance, and double-consciousness: Racial profiling as panoptic governance. Hacking the panopticon: Distributed online surveillance and resistance. Surveillance and sovereignty. Surveillance and educational testing: No child left behind and the remaking of American schools. Governing beyond command and control: A responsive and nodal approach to child protection. From thought control to traffic control: CCTV politics of expansion and resistance in post-Olympics Greece. Subject Index. Dedication. Introduction: An eye on surveillance and governance. List of Contributors. Edited by. Edited by. Copyright page.

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