Supply Chain Management and Logistics in Emerging Markets: Selected Papers from the 2018 MIT SCALE Latin America Conference

Hugo Tsugunobu Yoshida Yoshizaki
University of São Paulo, Brazil

Christopher Mejia-Argueta
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Marina Guimarães Mattos
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Product Details
19 Nov 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
360 pages - 152 x 229mm
In April 2018 more than 150 researchers from 16 different countries convened at MIT for the second SCALE Latin American Conference on Supply Chain Management and Logistics (SCM&L). This edited book presents 18 papers on SCML in Latin America which emerged from this conference. 

As a region with more than 640 million people, and an economy that grows faster than those of developed regions, Latin America is the subject of large infrastructure projects and heightened interest from multinational companies. With contributors spanning eleven different countries, and comprising MIT faculty and researchers, and academics from prestigious Latin American institutions, this collection covers a variety of relevant topics in SCM&L for the region, and also addresses its lack of cases and applied examples. With cases from Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, and Paraguay, this book breaks fresh ground by looking at risk analysis, and small firms supply chain management. 

Making a solid contribution to the regional needs for SCM&L literature for education, research, and practice, this book is relevant to researchers and professionals living and operating in the region, as well as in developing economies beyond.
Chapter 1. Introduction 
Chapter 2. The impact of environmental risks in Supply Chain Resilience; Camil Martinez, John Patrick Paraskevas, Curt Grimm, Thomas Corsi, Sandor Boyson 
Chapter 3. NGO´s supplier selection and procurement cost reduction with multidimensional auctions; Joice Ribeiro, Irineu de Brito Jr and Hugo Yoshizaki 
Chapter 4. A collaborative assessment of promotions performance using financial KPIs.; Jorge Garcia, Ana Maria Castañeda, Andres Cardenas, Juan David Suarez, Daniel Prato 
Chapter 5. A hierarchical analysis approach to assess packaging supply chain issues; Alicia Pérez, José Villena, Diego Matuk, Ana Luna and Mario Chong 
Chapter 6. Data-Driven Solutions for Evaluating and Planning Last Mile Operations in Latin America. A Methodological Approach Focused in Quito, Ecuador; Bernardo Puente, Clara Orellana, Carlos Suárez 
Chapter 7. Identifying underlying Urban Logistics factors in Old Downtown of Córdoba, Argentina; Gerardo Heckmann, David Hidalgo 
Chapter 8. Risk Analysis of Transporting Goods by Road in Brazil; Luiz Barreto Silva, Alessandro Silva, Reginaldo Ferreira 
Chapter 9 . Daily Train Scheduling in Seaport Terminal: a MILP approach; Lucas Guedes, Allan Bretas, Carlos Faria, Bruno Medeiros, Breno Moreira 
Chapter 10. Supply Chain Management for Micro and Small Firms in Latin America; Josué Velázquez, Cansu Tayaksi 
Chapter 11. Collaborative Inventory Replenishment: Discussions and Insights of a Cost-effective Alternative for Non-competitive Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; Carlos Otero, René Amaya, Jairo Montoya, Miguel Jaller Chapter 12. Adoption of Best Business and Supply Chain Practices and Micro/Small Firms Performance: Evidence from Northern Peru; Brenda Silupu, Marcos Agurto, Gianmarco Merino, Jennifer Uchofen, Josué Velazquez 
Chapter 13. Managers’ knowledge of Key Performance Indicators in Small and Medium Enterprises: wood and timber SME´s in Peru; Jenny Yalico, Maria Ortiz, José Larco, Alejandro Gallego, Claudia Antonini 
Chapter 14. Increasing the Nanostores' Competitiveness in Different Socioeconomic Levels; Maria Espinosa, José Hernandez, Eduardo Pale, David Salinas, Chris Mejia 
Chapter 15. A Discrete Choice Model for Retailer Selection in Emerging Markets; Miguel Ávila, José Larco, Claudia Antonini, Maria Ortiz, Chris Mejia
Hugo Tsugunobu Yoshida Yoshizaki is Associate Professor in the Department of Production Engineering at the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil. He has more than 30 years of experience in actual supply chain operations in Brazilian industries. 

Christopher Mejia-Argueta is a Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. He develops applied research on retailing operations and food supply chains for multiple stakeholders. 

Marina Guimarães Mattos is a Postdoctoral Associate at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. She has over fourteen years of experience in multiple functional areas in industry and academia.

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