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Study Abroad: Perspectives and Experiences from Business Schools Vol: 13

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12 Mar 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
272 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Advances in International Marketing


Business educators everywhere are looking for opportunities where students can gain experiences through study or work in an international context. Study abroad offers meaningful opportunities for exposing business students to cross-cultural learning. In this volume, experts share experiences and guidelines for initiating study abroad programs in business schools. A variety of key issues are discussed, including funding for study abroad fellowships, integrating foreign language training, administrative arrangements for study abroad, and best practices. Perspectives from both US and European business schools are addressed.
List of contributors. Preface. Foreword. Introduction: study abroad issues (G.T.M Hult, E.C. Lashbrooke Jr.). Documentation and assessment of the impact of study abroad (E.C. Ingraham). The case for assessing educational outcomes in study abroad (M. vande Berg). Successful recruitment of business students for study abroad through program development, curricular integration and marketing (K. Sideli et al.). Participation of minority and low income students in study abroad: the Illinois-NSEP initiative (J.D. Solaun). Thinking outside the box: study abroad in the target language at business schools overseas (S.J. Loughrin-Sacco, D.P. Earwicker). The role of foreign language instruction and proficiency as related to study abroad programs in business (O.R. Kelm). The important role of faculty involvement in study abroad (A. Yucas). Internationalizing business students through the study abroad experience: opportunities and challenges (K.M. Holland, B.L. Kedia). High quality study abroad programming: the role of the central study abroad office (C. Felbeck Chalou, I.E. Steglitz). Administrative arrangements for study abroad (I. Mcquiddy, J. Wilcox). Choosing partners and structuring relationships - lessons learned (A. Poehling, R.D. Nair). Study abroad consortia: collaborative ventures among schools (S. Innis-Klitz, J.E. Clark). The structure and process of curriculum integration in study abroad programs (B.D. Keillor, J.R. Emore). International comparative perspectives on study abroad programs in business schools (M. Festing).

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