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Studies in Symbolic Interaction Vol: 32

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23 Oct 2008
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
192 pages - 152 x 229 x 25mm
Studies in Symbolic Interaction


Volume 32 of "Studies in Symbolic Interaction" contains five cutting-edge papers which examine the future of symbolic interaction. Adele Clarke, Kathy Charmaz, Fritz Schutze, Margaret Kearney, Karen Schumacher, and Susan Kools honor Anselm Strauss and 40 years of grounded theory. Additional essays offer new theoretical developments in the areas of social work, race, media, identity, and politics. The work of Norma Williams is also celebrated.
On the future of symbolic interactionism. The geography of disciplinary amnesia: Eleven scholars reflect on the international state of symbolic interactionism. Authenticity, activity, and conceptuality: generating a pluralist, humanist, and enduring social science. The future of symbolic interaction, peaking, and collapsing the matrix. A future for symbolic interactionism. Celebrating anselm strauss and forty years of grounded theory. From heritage to postmodern grounded theorizing: Forty years of grounded theory. Constant Comparisons and. The legacy in Germany today of Anselm Strauss’ vision and practice of sociology. The legacy of Anselm Strauss in constructivist grounded theory. Inconstant comparisons: a nurse and a sociologist study depression using grounded theory. Sex/gender and race/ethnicity in the legacy of Anselm Strauss. The vultures which attended my birth. Archie, meet Larry: framing race in two acclaimed television comedy series. A voice from the grave: A posthumous dialogue with Norma Williams. Making interactionism useful: translations for social work and sociological direct practice. List of Contributors. Studies in symbolic interaction. Studies in symbolic interactionVolume 32. Copyright page.

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