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Studies in Symbolic Interaction Vol: 37

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06 Oct 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
272 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
Studies in Symbolic Interaction


Volume 37 in the bi-annual series "Studies in Symbolic Interaction" is divided into three distinct parts: Part One, Theoretical Openings, focuses on new theoretical work in the interactionist tradition by leading interdisciplinary scholars. It examines the mesodomain of welfare reform through re-negotiating the order of economic inequality, provides a grounded fractal analysis into the medicalization of homelessness and the sociology of the self, and looks at the labeling of immigrant men as criminals. In Part Two, Studies in Social Construction, focus shifts to issues of gender, ethnicity, illness and the urban situation including articles on the social constructions of the non-prejudiced white self, women's interaction with romantic comedies and the impact on their relationship, and engaging cultural narratives of the ethnic restaurant. The third and final part, Autoethnographic Interventions, turns inward to autoethnographic reflections on identity, technology, family, work and self including contributions on the digital evolution of an American identity and nursing's moral imperative as the flexible professional and the discourse of unexpected evidence.
List of Contributors. Fort Davis National Historic Site: An Indian Fort without Indians. The Medicalization of Homelessness and the Sociology of the Self: A Grounded Fractal Analysis. Interethnic Interactions and Perceptions of Immigrant Men in Public Space: The Experience of Community Safety by Seniors in a Multicultural Neighbourhood. Parenting a Youthful Offender. Review of the Social History of Language and Social Interaction Research: People, Places, Ideas by Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz. Social Constructions of the Nonprejudiced White Self. Engaging Cultural Narratives of the Ethnic Restaurant: Discursive Practices of Hybridity, Authenticity, and Commoditization. Illness Metaphors, Japan's “Gaijin” Race Philosophy, and the Formation of the Self. Women's Interactions with Romantic Comedies and the Impact on their RelationshipsHappily Ever After:. The Digital Evolution of an American Identity. The Rhetorical Negotiation of Professional Identity: Nursing's Moral Imperative as the Flexible Professional and the Contribution of Unexpected Evidence. Studies in symbolic interaction. Studies in symbolic interaction. Studies in symbolic interaction. Copyright page.

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