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Studies in Symbolic Interaction Vol: 19

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21 Feb 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
224 pages - 156 x 230 x 14mm
Studies in Symbolic Interaction


This 19th volume in the series discusses a variety of topics in the field of symbolic interaction.
Foreword, Norman K. Denzin; the interactionist gaze; gazing at symbolic interactionists - a photo montage, Russell R. Chabot; problems in interpretive theory and qualitative research, Yvonna S. Lincoln; a historical geneology of validity, methods, and truth, Donileen R. Loseke and Spencer E. Cahill; experimental texts, validity, truth and method in postmodern university classrooms - mystery writing and the incurably informed, Carolyne J. White and Bethany Kimbell-Amos; African-American success stories - three narrative journeys, Deborah A. Austin; pentecostal aquatics - sacrifice, redemption, and secrecy at camp, Robert Rinehart; evaluation, ethics and moral dilemmas; the naturalistic fallacy in contemporary interactionist-interpretive research, Clifford Christians; thought on the moral career of the interpretive inquirer - reuniting interpretation and eval-uation, Thomas A. Schwandt; evaluation ethics and issues of social justice - contributions from female moral thinking, Katherine E. Ryan, Cui Bono; institutional review board ethics and ethnographic research, Stefan Timmermans; new developments in theory; matching methodological liabilities to extend Couch's theory of coordinated action, David T. Basiien; minimalists actions, methodological constraints and sociological explanation, Robert S. Perinbanayagam; try to make it real, compared to what?, Richard Quinney.

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