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Studies in Symbolic Interaction Vol: 16

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01 Jan 1995
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 156 x 230 x 19mm
Studies in Symbolic Interaction


This 16th volume in the series discusses a variety of topics in the field of symbolic interaction; these topics include extending interaction theory and new empirical and theoretical inquiries.
Part 1 Extending interaction theory: from whence, to whither, Chicago-style interactionism, Anselm Strauss; identity theory - its development, research base, and prospects, Sheldon Stryker; why I went into the laboratory and what we found, Carl J. Couch. Part 2 Review symposium: the werald, Edward Rose; the woruld, Edward Rose; the theoretic construction in the ethno-inquiries, Edward Rose; glossing the wearld, Laurel Richardson; on the wearld by Edward Rose, George Psathas. Part 3 New beginnings: sociological poetics, Stefan Timmermans; glancing off the postmodern wall - a visit to the making of "Zulu Dawn", Nate Kohn; the other end of the line, Greg Seigworth; warp speed in Barcelona - olympism, ideology and experience, Robert Rinehart; lobstering out of narrow river - minding one's grasp, Richard V. Travisano; my bloody valentine, Allen Shelton. Part 4 New empirical and theoretical inquiries: the ethical face of commonplace malice - convolutions of the divided subject, Alan Blum; experiencing Hurricane Andrew - environment and everyday life, Kenneth J. Smith and Linda Liska Belgrave; nature's a joker - self and reality worlds for Simmel, Ibsen, Dick and Durkheim, Jules Wanderer; life course as reflexive object - some constitutional elements in the life histories of working-class men, Gerald Handel.

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