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Studies in Symbolic Interaction Vol: 23

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01 Jan 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
308 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Studies in Symbolic Interaction


Studies in Symbolic Interaction (SSI) is an ISI listed serial that locates current symbolic interactionist thought and provides contemporary readings of social situations. The papers are longer than the average journal article allowing more scope for expansion and development. To reflect the wide range of perspectives in symbolic interactionism, SSI draws on many interpretative resources including:
  • Post-structuralism 
  • Reconstructivism 
  • Performativity 
  • Critical race theory 
  • Feminist theory 
  • Posthumanism 
  • Materials theory 
  • Post-colonialism 
  • Affective theories 
  • Queer theory
Stanley L. Saxton Tribute (Special Partial Issue). He made us lonesome when he went: in memory of a true pragmatist (M.A. Katovich). Renewing the promise of pragmatism: towards a sociology of difference (F.G. Pestello, S.L. Saxton). Spots on a gnat's ass, good soldiers, and sociology departments: Stan Saxton's pragmatist approach to sociology (D.E. Miller et al.). Urban inequality and the possibilities of church-based intervention (D.R. Maines, M.J. McCallion). How relevant is the concept of the 'biologic individual' to sociology? (P. Tibbetts). Reflections: Stan Saxton and the small town community (P.F. Palermo). Theoretical Interventions. Attitudes and platitudes: postmodernism and interactionist thought (D.R. Dickens). Castrato: predetermined to fluid self, or, a dialogue/performance script intended to inform Garfinkel about the possibilities of gendering (A. Fontana, R. Schmidt). Communication, the Media, and Community. 'Have a nice day!': phatic communion and everyday life (B.N. Meltzer, G.R. Musolf). From radio to television: space, sound, and motion (C.W. Kaha). Managing disruptions and maintaining humor on late night talk (M.A. Katovich, R. Burns). Race, Deviance, and the Body. Racism in the Ivory City: the natural history of a research project (J.E. Nash). Critique of concordance in the commercial blood industry (L. Anderson). Get-tough legislation as represented action: the case of caning, paddling, and flogging (P.W. Davis). Self, Identity and Narrative. Stigma and place: space, community, and the politics of reputation (K.E. Hayden). The eating disorder is not you : applying Bakhtin's theories in analyzing narrative co-construction in an internet support group (M.K. Walstrom). Widowhood: reconstruction of self-concept and identities (H.Z. Lopata). Cultural maintenance and narratives of resistance in educational reform (D.L. Altheide, D.A. Spencer).

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