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Studies in Symbolic Interaction Vol: 21

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19 Nov 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
284 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Studies in Symbolic Interaction


This 21st volume in the series discusses a variety of topics in the field of symbolic interaction. It is divided into three parts, which address: remembering Anselm Strauss; the pragmatic heritage; and, reading self, media and culture.
Part 1 Remembering Anselm Strauss: memorial session for Anselm Strauss, Toronto, 1997 - a collective tribute to Anselm Strauss, Kathy Charmaz, Virginia Oleson; introductory remarks, Virginia Oleson; Anselm Strauss (a tribute - contributions to symbolic interactionism, Robert Prus; Anselm Strauss - a British memoir, Robert Dingwall; professions, work and organizations - comments on the contributions of Anselm Strauss, Mayer N. Zald; Anselm Strauss and the generic importance of his work in structuring my research, Jacqueline P. Wiseman; remembering Anselm, Norman K. Denzin; the sociologists as author - a homage to Anselm Strauss - an appreciation. Susan Leigh Star. Part 2 The pragmatic heritage: me(a)diating the past - reflections on the problem-solving potential of disciplinary histories, Regina Hewitt; the reemergence of John Dewey and American pragmatism, Gideon Sjoberg et al. Part 3 reading self, media, and culture: natural-born oranges - from modern anti-hero to postmodern media stars, Andrea Fontana, Simon Gottschalk; the pains of everyday life - between DSM1 and the postmodern, Simon Gottschalk; using a nonsociological text to understand sociological classics - Godot and the postmodern challenge to sociology, william Reese II, Michael Katovich; video games - analyzing gender identity and violence in this new virtual reality, Sean Gilmore, Alicia Crissman; the slanted smile factory - emotion management in Tokyo Disneyland, Aviad Raz; riding the black ship, Aviad Raz; the social creation of deviant status - gender, race, and criminality in antebellum Louisiana, Daniel Dotter, Marianne Fishert-Giorlando.

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