Strategy, Power and CSR: Practices and Challenges in Organizational Management

Santiago García-Álvarez
Panamerican University, Mexico

Connie Atristain-Suárez
Panamerican University, Mexico

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24 Jul 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
360 pages - 152 x 229mm
Organizational management, along with strategy, is the most important part of business administration. Directors must know how to manage people, make decisions and, above all, have the ability to create strategies that help organizations achieve their objectives, greater strategic competitiveness, and above-average returns. 

In today’s global and complex environment, traditional views towards organizational management are not enough for businesses to thrive. It’s only by bringing together different approaches can management styles develop fast enough to keep pace with the ever-changing big picture. In this innovative new look at organizational management, expert authors Santiago García-Álvarez and Connie Atristain-Suárez explore how looking through lenses of philosophy, health, communication, law, engineering, pedagogy and policy can affect a modern organization’s prospects. 

Built through the collective and collaborative work of the research professors at the Universidad Panamericana, this work includes interdisciplinary approaches to real-world problems. For students and researchers of business and management, this is an unmissable read.
Forewords; Dr. Francisco Gil-Díaz and Dr. Jorge Gutiérrez-Villarreal 
Introduction: Santiago García-Álvarez and Connie Atristain-Suárez 
Chapter 1. The Meaning of the Management Function: Discourse from Educational Institution Directors; Mónica del Carmen Meza-Mejía, Claudia María García-Casas, Claudia Fabiola Ortega-Barba and Sara Elvira Galbán-Lozano 
Chapter 2. Hospitality: An innovative Approach to Managing Contemporary Organizations; Sofia Roux-Tercero 
Chapter 3. Value Systems and Their Influence on Managerial Mindsets and Managers’ Volitions; Antonio Casanueva-Fernández and José Alberto Ross-Hernández  
Chapter 4. Burnout: A Silent Organizational Problem; María Beatriz Quintanilla-Madero 
Chapter 5. Applying System Dynamics to a Negotiation Diagram; Jacqueline Y. Sánchez-García and Carlos López-Hernández  
Chapter 6. Narrative and Family Business Firms: A Discourse Framework towards Continuity and Competitiveness; Connie Atristain-Suárez and Santiago García-Álvarez  
Chapter 7. Redefining Power via Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Alternatives for Corporate Social Responsibility; Mary Paz Agudín-Colmenares 
Chapter 8. Performance Measurement Systems in Organizations: A Good Measurement Should Tell a S.T.O.R.Y.; Juan Romero-McCarthy, Antonio Casanueva-Fernández and Erika Daniela Garza-Leal 
Chapter 9. Should I Move Aside and Let a Professional CEO Run My Company?; Margarita Hurtado-Hernández, Héctor Daniel Debernardo and Alejandro Ordoñez-Torres 
Chapter 10. Koselleck’s View of the Crisis Concept; Fernanda Llergo-Bay  
Chapter 11. A New Protocol Based on Blockchain Technology for Transparent Operation of Corporate Social Responsibility; Félix Orlando Martínez-Ríos, José Antonio Marmolejo-Saucedo and Gonzalo Abascal-Olascoaga 
Chapter 12. University Social Responsibility (USR) and Its Mission: The Case of the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico; Antonia Terán-Bustamante and Arturo Torres-Vargas 
Chapter 13. Teaching CSR at Management Faculties: The Touchstone Strategy for Organizations’ Management Challenge; Santiago González-Gómez 
Chapter 14. Virtue Ethics: A Contribution to Family Firms; Germán Scalzo and Héctor X. Ramírez-Pérez 
Chapter 15. Leadership and Social Responsibility in Business; Laura Trujillo-Liñán and Ricardo Meneses-Calzada  
Chapter 16. Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights: Challenges in a Globalized Context; Hugo Saúl Ramírez-García and Juan Francisco Díez-Spelz
Santiago García-Álvarez received his Ph.D. in Organizational Governance and Culture at the Universidad of Navarra (Spain) with a thesis focused on the Management Policy Elements of Henry Mintzberg. Currently serving as president of Universidad Panamericana at Mexico Cit’s Campus. Dr. García teaches Government and Public Policy and Business and Management. His main research interests discuss directive management, leadership, and organizational performance. 

Connie Atristain-Suárez is Director of the Business Science Ph.D. and a full-time research professor at the Universidad Panamericana, Campus Mexico City. Her research interests and teaching focuses include the areas of Competitiveness, Strategic Planning, and Business Management and Development. She has taught training courses to senior executives and has carried out more than 25 management development programs on relevant topics of current importance, not only for the academic world but also for the business sector.

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