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Strategic Perspective on the Marketing of Information Technologies Vol: 4

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01 Jul 1994
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 156 x 230 x 14mm
Advances in Telecommunication Management


This volume is devoted to studies in the field of strategy in the marketing of information technologies. The topics covered include the strategic importance of information technology and the strategic implications of structural analysis in a telecommunication market.
Strategic importance of information technology, Jagdish N. Sheth; voice processing, geothink and the marketing challenge in telecommunications, Nicholas Imparato; strategic implications of structural analysis in a telecommunication market, Darius J. Sabavala and David A. Gautschi; framework for strategic marketing in an increasingly deregulated environment, Robert M. Janowiak; the standard setters dilemma - standards and strategies for new technologies in a dynamic environment, Barry N. Rosen; when services compete with products, Ruby Roy Dholakia; marketing network solutions - private versus centrex, Thomas J. Housel and William E. Darden; voice mail - marketing strategies for entering a competitive market with a new consumer service, Heidi Harris; market-based strategies for growth and profitability - a US west case study, Joe A. Dodson and James R. Schirmer; product strategies in the telecommunications industry, Philip C. Burger; the implementation of an X.400 message handling service, Jeanne P. Bracken; intermediary marketing - a local exchange carrier perspective, Richard C. Murphy; the vertical integration issue in channels of distribution, Garyl L. Frazier and Jagdish N. Sheth; the pricing of on-line services, Kent B. Monroe; evaluating pricing strategies for new residential customer services in the telecommunications industry, Ruth N. Botlon; retaining customers through strategic design and management of customer support programmes, Joel Raphael Nan Pascale.

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