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Strategic Management: Methods and Studies Vol: 18

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09 May 1990
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
376 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Studies in Management Science and Systems


Strategic management deals with a very broad set of questions, issues, and problems associated with general management. This book introduces research carried out in several frontier areas of strategic management: Strategy, Information Systems, R&D/Engineering, Marketing, Ethics, Governance, Issues Management and New Ventures. Especially noteworthy is its major emphasis on extending the purview and scope of strategic management by the integration of established and emerging functional areas into the mainstream of the strategic management process. The scope of areas covered ranges from the corporate to public sector, and from corporate to new ventures. Academics and practitioners interested in the ramifications of latest developments in the theory and practice of strategic management will find this book of interest.
Management of Strategic Issues. Strategic Issues Management: An Integrated Systems View (J.C. Cassidy); Multiple Advocacy for Metropolitan Issues: Management in Silicon Valley (D.B. Rothblatt); Managing the Technopolis: New Institutional Alliances for Strategic Economic Development (R.W. Smilor, D.V. Gibson). Strategy and Strategy Makers. Business Ethics in Management Strategy (G.C. Benson); The Board of Directors and the Strategy Process (J. Rosenstein); Performance and Multiple Strategies in a Firm: Evidence from the Apparel Industry (P. Wright, D. Hotard, P. Chan, M. Kroll, J. Tanner); A Comparison of Strategic Planning Processes in U.S. Industrial Corporations (M.J. Liberatore, G.J. Titus). Technology Management. A Strategic View of Engineering (G. Geistauts, T. Eschenbach). Integration of R&D into Long Range Corporate Planning at Goodyear Aerospace Corporation (M.J. Liberatore, G. Titus, B.V. Dean); New Product Development Strategies for R&D Organizations: Teamwork and Other Factors Correlated with Success (F. Hull). Operations Management. Fundamentals for Developing Manufacturing Strategy (G. Groff, C. St. John). Strategic Management in the 21st Century: The Role of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (J. Goldhar, M. Jelinek). The Strategic Role of Location in the Logging Industry (J.A. Fitzsimmons, S.E. Kimes). Operations Management in a Venture Capital Fund (B.V. Dean, S.K. Baksi). Information Systems and Strategy. Information Systems and Business Strategy: Issues in Planning, Organization, and Management (W.H. Davidson); Managing the Emerging Information System Technologies (P. Gray); Four Critical Success Factors in Information Resource Management (J. Lehane, D.R. Lee, A. Mingione). Entrepreneurship. The Importance of Marketing Strategy in New Technical Firms (J.J. Giglierano). The Influence of Strategic Choices on the Success of New Firms Financed with Venture Capital (J.B. Roure, R. Keeley). The Future Context of Strategy. The Meaning of the 21st Century (K. Boulding).

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