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Strategic Corporate Communication in the Digital Age

Mark Anthony Camilleri
University of Malta, Malta

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19 Feb 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
340 pages - 152 x 229mm
Strategic Corporate Communication in the Digital Age explores how contemporary communication approaches are crossing boundaries as innovative media formats and digital transformations offer new challenges and opportunities to academia and practitioners. New technologies have empowered various organisations and their stakeholders. The digital and social media are central to the process of building trust, reputation and support, as online users can use them to scrutinise and influence corporate decisions and actions.

This authoritative book features a broad spectrum of theoretical and empirical chapters on topics relating to organisations' interactive engagement with stakeholders during COVID-19. It sheds light on dialogic communications through different digital media, the utilisation of mobile learning technologies for corporate training and development, corporate disclosures of CSR practices, communications of small and medium sized businesses, and provides a taxonomy of online marketing methods, among other topics. This title is a premier reference source and a valuable teaching resource for courses in marketing, communications, strategy and organisational behaviour.
Chapter 1. Strategic dialogic communication through digital media during COVID-19; Mark Anthony Camilleri
Chapter 2. Trust and belonging in individual and organizational relationships; Kelly-Ann Allen, Gert Tinggaard Sven, Syed Marwan, and Gökmen Arslan 
Chapter 3. Corporate communication through social networks:The identification of key dimensions for dialogic communication; Paul Capriotti, Ileana Zeler, and Mark Anthony Camilleri 
Chapter 4. The corporate communications executives’ interactive engagement through digital media; Mark Anthony Camilleri, and Pedro Isaias 
Chapter 5. Using the balanced scorecard for strategic communication and performance management; Cidália Oliveira, Adelaide Martins, Mark Anthony Camilleri, and Shital Jayantila
Chapter 6. Recruit, retain and report: UK universities' strategic communication with stakeholders on Twitter; Emmanuel Mogaji, Josue Kuika Watat, Sunday Adewale Olaleye, and Dandison Ukpabi 
Chapter 7. The use of mobile learning technologies for corporate training and development: A contextual framework; Ashley Butler, Mark Anthony Camilleri, Andrew Creed, and Ambika Zutshi 
Chapter 8. The effect of macro celebrity and micro influencer endorsements on consumer-brand engagement on Instagram; Inês Rios Marques, Beatriz Casais, and Mark Anthony Camilleri 
Chapter 9. Large-scale retailers, digital media and in-store communications; Sabina Riboldazzi, and Antonella Capriello 
Chapter 10. The use of digital media for marketing, CSR communication and stakeholder engagement; Ciro Troise, and Mark Anthony Camilleri 
Chapter 11. Corporate communication and integrated reporting: the materiality determination process and stakeholder engagement in Spain; Pablo Rodríguez-Gutiérrez 
Chapter 12. E-marketing practices of micro, small and medium sized enterprises. Evidence from India; Tejinderpal Singh, Raj Kumar, and Prateek Kalia 
Chapter 13. Small and medium sized enterprises’ engagement with social media for corporate communication; Oluwasola Oni 
Chapter 14. A taxonomy of online marketing methods for corporate communication; Mohammad Hajarian, Mark Anthony Camilleri, Paloma Díaz, and Ignacio Aedo
Mark Anthony Camilleri is Associate Professor in the Department of Corporate Communication at the University of Malta. He holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, an MSc from the University of Portsmouth and an MBA from the University of Leicester. Mark has published more than 100 academic contributions in high-impact, peer-reviewed journals, chapters and conferences. He authored and edited 8 books for leading publishers.
'Digital communications are increasingly central to the process of building trust, reputation and support. It's as true for companies selling products as it is for politicians canvasing for votes. This book provides a framework for understanding and using online media and will be required reading for serious students of communication.' - Dr. Charles J. Fombrun, Former Professor at New York University, NYU-Stern School, Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Reputation Institute/The RepTrak Company

'This book has addressed a current and relevant topic relating to an important aspect of digital transformation. Various chapters of this book provide valuable insights about a variety of issues relating to 'Strategic Corporate Communication in the Digital Age'. The book will be a useful resource for both academics and practitioners engaged in marketing- and communications-related activities. I am delighted to endorse this valuable resource.' - Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Professor at the School of Management at Swansea University, UK and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Information Management

'This title covers a range of relevant issues and trends related to strategic corporate communication in an increasingly digital era. For example, not only does it address communication from a social media, balanced scorecard, and stakeholder engagement perspective, but it also integrates relevant contemporary insights related to SMEs and COVID-19. This is a must-read for any corporate communications professional or researcher.' - Linda Hollebeek, Associate Professor at Montpellier Business School, France and Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

'Corporate communication is changing rapidly, and digital media represent a tremendous opportunity for companies of all sizes to better achieve their communication goals. This book provides important insights into relevant trends and charts critical ways in which digital media can be used to their full potential.' - Ulrike Gretzel, Director of Research at Netnografica and Senior Fellow at the Center for Public Relations, University of Southern California, USA

'This new book by Professor Mark Camilleri promises again valuable insights in corporate communication in the digital era with a special focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. The book sets a new standard in our thinking of responsibilities in our digital connected world.' - Wim Elving, Professor at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, The Netherlands

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