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Storytelling-Case Archetype Decoding and Assignment Manual (SCADAM) Vol: 11

Arch G. Woodside
Curtin University, Australia

Suresh C. Sood
University of Technology Sydney, Australia

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08 Jan 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
392 pages - 152 x 229 x 25mm
Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research


Storytelling-Case Archetype Decoding and Assignment Manual (SCADAM) reviews cultural and tourism/hospitality applications of Carl Jung's work on archetypes in shaping behavior and unconscious/conscious thought. SCADAM includes a testing manual on how to use Donald T. Campbell's "degrees of freedom" (DOF) test for story-archetype assignments of what consumers and brands tell about consumption experiences of product/service brands, places, and drama/life enactments. SCADAM includes assignment testing and example scoring for each of 12 archetypes: 1. Caregiver (CA); 2. Creator (CR); 3. Everyman/woman (EV); 4. Explorer (EX); 5. Hero (HE); 6. Innocent (IN); 7. Jester (JE); 8. Lover (LO); 9. Magician (MA); 10. Ruler (RU); 11. Sage (SA); 12. Shadow (SH). SCADAM increases accuracy of researchers' interpretations of consumers' (emic) interpretations of dramas in consumption experiences; SCADAM provides for comparing DOF testing in scoring alternative archetypes. Thus, this manual provides tools for confirming relevancy and falsifying incorrect archetype assignments of stories consumers and brands tell. SCADAM builds on prior studies in the literature by the authors and colleagues.
1. Introduction 2. Theory of Brand Enabling Archetype Enactment by Consumer 3. Literature Review 4. Method: Story Listening and Collection 5. Archetype Processing and Story Analysis 6. Creator Archetype 7. Every Person Archetype 8. Explorer Archetype 9. Hero Archetype 10. Innocent Archetype 11. Jester Archetype 12. Lover Archetype 13. Magician Archetype 14. Outlaw Archetype 15. Ruler Archetype 16. Sage Archetype 17. Shadow Archetype 18. Caregiver Archetype 19. Theory Refinement, Implications, and Conclusions
Arch G. Woodside, Boston College, USA Suresh C. Sood, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

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