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Spiritual Intelligence at Work: Meaning, Metaphor, and Morals Vol: 5

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12 Dec 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
278 pages - 150 x 225 x 25mm
Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations
This volume contains articles and essays from internationally renowned authors and thinkers about the relationship among business, business ethics, religion, and spirituality. The authors included in this book represent multiple perspectives including Christian, Jewish, Hindu, philosophical, and others. This volume will be of interest to both academics and business practitioners who promote a contemporary re-integration of business and religious values and for those concerned about the dangers inherent in this project. In the end, this volume suggests that in a pluralistic and democratic society the only justification for going back home again to traditional religious texts is to help us all move forward together. If the real reason we're invoking religion in the public sphere is to strengthen our own religious communities and our own identities as members of particular religious communities, we are making a fundamental error in judgement. The goal of a legitimate religiously grounded business ethics can and must be the desire to critique, enhance, and strengthen the democratic values and institutions of society including business. These values include noncoercion, transparency, equal rights, pluralism, compromise, individual and communal responsibility, and many others.
Introduction. The soul's hunger: spirituality in corporations and in the teaching of business ethics (D. Koehn). Peter Drucker and Martin Buber: the germanic search for community and the meaning of the modern American corporation (M. Schwartz). Christian business ethics on the employment relation: mapping the terrain (S. Herman). The spiritual corporation: a pragmatic perspective (S. Rosenthal, R. Buchholz). Intelligent spirituality in business: a Deweyan conception (M.L. Pava). The spirituality of Harry Potter (P. Primeaux). Toward a spirituality for the contemporary organization: implications for work, family and society (G. Cavanagh et al.). Discernment and strategic decision making: reflections for a spirituality of organizational leadership (A.L. Delbecq et al.). Calling: new careers and spirituality. A reflective perspective for organizational leaders and professionals (J.W. Weisset al.). A Hindu perspective on spirituality and management (A. Sharma). A comparative study of ethical decision-making amongst managers in large private-sector UK companies (D. Bartlett). Analogical reasoning and the "public philosophy of business" (J. Roper). The risks of temptation: a book review of Peter Drucker's The Temptation to do Good (M. Schwartz).

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