Space Tourism: The Elusive Dream Vol: 25

Erik Cohen
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Sam Spector
University of Canterbury, New Zealand

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06 Sep 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
336 pages - 152 x 229mm
Tourism Social Science Series
There is an unbridged gap between human aspirations to travel into space and the barriers to realizing such dreams. Despite optimistic predictions, a viable space tourism industry has yet to emerge, with only a handful of 'millionaire' space tourists having experienced travel in outer space. Space tourism remains an elusive dream.  

This is the first comprehensive, multidisciplinary work on the emergent phenomenon of space tourism. Leading specialists from a range of fields cover a wide spectrum of topics including the space history and technology underpinning current developments; space tourists' motivations; and the environmental, social, and legal aspects concomitant with a space tourism industry. The book is unique in its focus on virtual forms of space travel, such as those manifesting in virtual reality, films, and games. The volume takes a nuanced and critical approach to the development of aspirations to leave Earth, stressing the far-reaching implications for the environment and for human life and society on Earth. 

The book is written in an approachable manner, making it accessible to both academics and the interested general reader. Owing to its interdisciplinary character, it should be of interest to practitioners and teachers across the sciences, humanities, and social sciences.
Introduction. The dawn of a new era?; E. Cohen & S. Spector  
Part I: Histories 
Chapter 1. Human aspirations to expand into space: A historical review; R.D. Launius 
Chapter 2. History of space tourism; C. Cater 
Part II: Imaginaries 
Chapter 3. Extraterrestrial life, stellar civilizations, and aliens; E. Cohen 
Chapter 4. Space tourism in contemporary cinema and video games; M. Ceuterick & M.R. Johnson 
Chapter 5. Virtual reality and space tourism; K. Damjanov & D. Crouch  
Part III: Advances 
Chapter 6. Exploring motivations of potential space tourists; J. Laing & W. Frost 
Chapter 7. Current space tourism developments; D. Webber 
Chapter 8. The regulation of space tourism; F.G. von der Dunk  
Part IV: Implications 
Chapter 9. Social relations, space travel, and the body of the astronaut; P. Dickens 
Chapter 10. Space tourism, capital, and identity; J. Ormrod & P. Dickens 
Chapter 11. Space tourism, the Anthropocene, and sustainability; S. Spector & J.E.S. Higham
Erik Cohen is the George S. Wise Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His recent work focused on the sociological theory of tourism, space tourism, ethnic tourism in Southeast Asia, and animals in tourism. 
Sam Spector is a Lecturer in the Department of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. His research explores intersections between tourism, transport, sustainability, and resilience.

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