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Sociological Studies of Children Vol: 7

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30 Jan 1995
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
284 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Sociological Studies of Children and Youth


The volumes in this series illustrate how social organization and private, emotional experience are different phases of the social process. They show the steps by which emotional experience is shaped by social structural, macro-level processes and how these processes are changed by experience.
On the liberal culture of child risk - a covenant critique of contractarian theory; John O'Neill
Single-parent households as settings for children's development, well-being and attainment - a social network/resources perspective; Paul R. Amato 
From useful to useful - the historical continuity of children's constructive participation; Jens Qvortrup 
Hierarchy, boundary and agency - towards a theoretical perspective on childhood; Allison James and Alan Prout 
Micro sociology and psychological development - a sociological interpretation of Piaget's theory; Geoffrey Tesson and James Youniss
A developmental model of heteroglossic improvization in children's fantasy play; R. Keith Sawyer
Constituting child abuse - a problem of late modernity?, Chris Jenks; towards a theory of peer abuse; Anne-Marie Ambert
Invisible children? towards a reconceptualization of childhood dependency and responsibility; Elias's theory of civilizing processes, an exploratory note on the judicial system, families and juvenile delinquency in the Netherlands; Mieke Komen
Sociological theorizing on children - concluding thoughts; Anne-Marie Ambert

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