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Emerald: Title Detail: Sociological Studies of Children and Youth by Loretta E. Bass
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Sociological Studies of Children and Youth: Special International Volume Vol: 10

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14 Aug 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
296 pages - 152 x 229 x 16mm
Sociological Studies of Children and Youth
Coming from a range of methodological and theoretical orientations, this volume showcases the lives of children and the policies that shape children's lives on five continents. Across these research articles, it becomes clear that we cannot continue to assume a certain meaning of childhood, because this concept is bound by both cultural and structural factors. Cultural expectations influence how societies view children and how children view themselves. A handful of these studies show how immigrant children and youth provide particularly interesting insight as they navigate more than one cultural context. Structural factors also become salient, as children come from unequal backgrounds, different levels of economic development, and face varying political concerns. While these papers come from different doorsteps of the world, cultural and structural threads of continuity connect them as meaningful for children. This volume illustrates how international childhood researchers can use current concepts and theories into unlikely contexts exposing their limitations and helping to inform more versatile and robust lines of thinking for children and youth studies.
Introduction: International Perspectives on Children and Youth. (L.E. Bass). Working Children in Zimbabwe. (M.F.C. Bourdillon). Toys and Games: Childhoods in the Parque das Nacoes Favela in Brazil. (E. Volfzon Kosminsky, L. Daniel). Transition to Adulthood in Japan and Korea: An Overview. (H. Park, G.D. Sandefur). Ethnic Identity and Segmented Assimilation among Second-Generation Chinese Youth. (H.H. Hiller, V. Chow). The Radicalization of the Self - "Beyond" Generational Order: German Children's Literature as a Case Study. (D. Buhler-Niederberger). Children's Views on Children's Rights. A Comparative Study of Spain and Italy. (A. Saporiti et al). Involving Children in Social Policy: A Case Study from Northern Ireland. (M. Leonard). The Generationing of Power: A Comparison of Child-Parent and Sibling Relations in Scotland. (S. Punch). A Tale of Two Cities: Health-Compromising Behaviors between Hungarian and American Youth. (K.M. Fitzpatrick, B.F. Piko, D.R. Wright). Mapping Changes in the Social Lives of Children: An Analysis of Activities and Best Practice Initiated Through School Based Mentoring in Philadelphia. (S. Butler). The Impact of War, Adult HIV/AIDS, and Militarization on Young Children's Mortality. (S. Carlton-Ford). Changes in Nonmarital Cohabitation and the Family Structure Experiences of Children across 17 Countries. (J.M. Timberlake, P. Heuveline). About the Authors.
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