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Sociological Studies of Children and Youth Vol: 11

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27 Oct 2005
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
304 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Sociological Studies of Children and Youth


The volume is organized in two parts. Following the Introduction, six chapters make up Part One, 'Empirical Studies'. Two quantitative analyses lead off: first an examination of residential mobility, peer networks and life-course transitions; second, a look at adolescents' participation in a particular social movement. Two ethnographic studies follow - here the foci are 'Zero Tolerance' school discipline policies, and female athletes' construction of femininity. A comparative content analysis of teen magazine advice columns, and a qualitative study of construction of 'adoptive family' identities, round out Part One. Three chapters constitute Part Two, 'Innovations in Theory and Research Methods'.The first offers an analysis of two films that explore childrens' struggle for agency and control. The next chapter develops a typology of children's participation in social movements, employing fascinating first-person narrative accounts. The final chapter demonstrates the unique ability of group interviews to capture processes through which adolescents accomplish group talk, develop shared perspectives, and construct gender identities.
Historical and Contemporary Pressures on Children's Freedom. (K.B. Rosier, D.A. Kinney). 
Part I: Empirical Studies. Adolescent Residential Mobility and Premature Life-Course Transitions: The Role of Peer Networks. (S.J. South, A. Lutz, E. Baumer). 
Building Democracy, Promoting Tolerance: Adolescent Responsiveness to Social Movement Messages. (G. Scott, J.E. Artis). 
The Messy Nature of Discipline and Zero Tolerance Policies: Negotiating Safe School Environments Among Inconsistencies, Structural Constraints and the Complex Lives of Youth. (L.M. Waldron). 
Athleticism and Femininity on a High School Basketball Team: An Interpretive Approach. (J. Enke). 
Who are the Experts? Medicalization in Teen Magazine Advice Columns. (J. McCabe). 
The Intersection of Private and Public Experience Among Families Adopting Romanian Children. (R. Goldberg). 
Part II: Innovations in Theory and Research Methods. Children's Agency and Cinema's New Fairy Tale. (I.E. Castro). 
Children as Social Movement Participants. (D.M. Rodgers). 
"Yeah, Me Too!": Adolescent Talk Building in Group Interviews. (L. Fingerson).

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