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Social Networks and Health Vol: 8

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03 Sep 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
376 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Advances in Medical Sociology


This volume is directed toward researchers and health professionals with an interest in the interstices of social networks and health. It consists of original papers that address critical themes in health-related social network research and disease prevention. The sections discuss the dynamics of social networks and their role in providing social support under varying conditions and contexts; how social network theory and research contribute to disease prevention and control; methodological issues that affect recall and agreement when conducting social network studies; how social networks structure and facilitate or discourage health risk; and the role of network ties in disease prevention. The volume concludes by examining the influence of social support in health promotion, symptom identification and disease management.
Social networks and health - an overview: The role of social networks in health, illness, disease and healing - the accepting present, the forgotten past and the dangerous potential for a complacent future, B.A. Pescosolido, J.A. Levy. Linking social network theory to disease prevention: Social support and social networks - synthesis and review, A.D. Faber, S. Wasserman; Infectious disease control - combining molecular biological and network methods, A.S. Klovdahl et al; Cases, contexts and care - the importance of grounded network analysis, K. Jinnett. Methodological issues in network recall and agreement: "Sorry, I forgot" - the role of recall error in longitudinal personal network studies, E.R. Wright, B.A. Pescosolido; Patterns in the recall of sexual and drug injection partners, D.D. Brewer et al; Concordance between drug users' and their network members' reported drug use and HIV status - implications to HIV prevention, C. Latkin et al. Risk exposure and social ties: Ethnicity, social networks and HIV risk in older drug users, J.J. Schensul et al; Network ties and disease prevention: Informal social networks and epidemic prevention in a third world context - cholera and HIV/AIDS compared, V. Agadjanian; The differential importance of friend, relative and partner relationships for the mental health of young adults, J. McLaughlin et al; Gender, social support and experimental similarity during chronic stress - the case of family caregivers, J.J. Suitor, K. Pillemer. Social support and health: Exploring the structural contexts of the support process - social networks, social statuses, social support and psychological distress, V.A. Haines et al; Factors related to multiplexity in support networks of persons with severe mental illness, J. Holschuh, S.P. Segal; Drug users' lay consultation processes - symptom identification and management, M. Regen et al; Gender differences in depressive symptoms - insights from a life span perspective on life stages and social networks, H. Akiyama, T. Antonucci.

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