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Social Movements and Violence: Participation in Underground Organizations Vol: 4

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01 Dec 1992
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
308 pages - 156 x 234 x 16mm
International Social Movement Research


Part of a series which presents research on international social movements, this volume focuses on social movements and violence. Topics discussed include: individual motivations in underground political organizations; decisions to use terrorism; and ethnic and socio-revolutionary terrorism.
Part 1 Theories and methodologies: introduction - on individual motivations in underground political organizations, Donatella della Porta; decisions to use terrorism - psychological constraints on instrumental reasoning, Martha Crenshaw. Part 2 Case studies: from protest to terrorism - the case of the SDS and the weathermen, Richard G. Braungart; political violence by the non-aggrieved - explaining the political participation of those with no apparent grievances, Robert W. White; going underground in Argentina - a look at the founders of a guerrilla movement, Maria Jose Moyano. Part 3 Women's studies: conservative and feminist images of women associated with armed, clandestine organizations in the United States, Gilda Zwerman; lacerations in the memory - women in the Italian underground organizations, Luisa Passerini. Part 4 Comparative studies: left-wing and right-wing terrorist groups - a comparison for the German case, Friedhelm Neidhardt; ethnic and sociorevolutionary terrorism - a comparison of structures, Peter Waldmann; political socialization in left-wing underground organizations - biographies of Italian and German militants, Donatella della Porta.

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