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Social Determinants, Health Disparities and Linkages to Health and Health Care Vol: 31

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23 Sep 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
425 pages - 156 x 234 x 18mm
Research in the Sociology of Health Care


This volume looks at the key links between social determinants, health disparities and health and health care. There is a particular focus on macro-level systems and micro-level issues, including the examination of issues for patients, carers and providers of care. Coverage includes papers on geographical and place factors and disparities, SES and race/ethnicity factors, chronic care and serious health problems such as HIV/AIDs and kidney transplantation, comparative aspects and perceptions of health disparities. Starting with an introduction that reviews the crucial sociological literature on social determinants and health disparities, papers in this volume go on to cover key themes including ageing, barriers to care, ethnicity, social inequalities, the views of parents on their children's care, and doctor/patient relationships.
List of Contributors. Social Determinants and Health Disparities. Addressing Health Disparities: Understanding Place in the Role of Social Determinant Interventions. The Impact of Neighborhood Cohesion on Older Individuals’ Self-Rated Health Status. Structural and Hidden Barriers to a Local Primary Health Care Infrastructure: Autonomy, Decisions about Primary Health Care, and the Centrality and Significance of Power. The Effects of Residential Advantages upon Rural Residents’ Self-Reported Physical Health and Emotional Well-being. Ethnic Group Differences in the Utilization of Preventive Medical Care Services Among Foreign-Born Asian and Latino Adults in the United States. Birth Outcomes of Patients Enrolled in “Familias Sanas” Research Project. Variations in Parents’ Perceptions of their Children’s Medical Treatment: The Effect of Dissatisfaction on Preventive Care and Unmet Need. An Application of the Andersen Model of Health Utilization to the Understanding of the Role of Race-Concordant Doctor–Patient Relationships in Reducing Health Disparities. A Generation Skipped: An Exploratory Study of HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Services for Older Adults. The Sociology of Chronic Illness and Self-Care Management. Social Capital, Gatekeeping, and Access to Kidney Transplantation. Contextualizing Disparities: The Case for Comparative Research on Social Inequalities in Health. Political Ideology, Party Identification, and Perceptions of Health Disparities: An Exploratory Study of Cognitive and Moral Prejudice. Social Determinants, Health Disparities and Linkages to Health and Health Care. Research in the sociology of health care. Social Determinants, Health Disparities and Linkages to Health and Health Care. Copyright page.

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