Smart Villages in the EU and Beyond

Anna Visvizi
Deree College - The American College of Greece, Greece

Miltiadis D. Lytras
Deree College - The American College of Greece, Greece

György Mudri
European Parliament, Belgium

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04 Jun 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
208 pages - 152 x 229mm
Emerald Studies in Politics and Technology
Written by leading academics and practitioners in the field, Smart Villages in the EU and Beyond offers a detailed insight into issues and developments that shape the debate on smart villages, together with concepts, developments and policymaking initiatives including the EU Action for Smart Villages. 
This book derives from the realization that the implications of the increasing depopulation of rural areas across the EU is a pending disaster. This edited collection establishes a framework for action today, which will lead to sustainable revitalization of rural areas tomorrow. 
Using country-specific case studies, the chapters examine how integrated and ICT-conscious strategies and policy actions focused on wellbeing, sustainability and solidarity could provide a long-term solution in the revitalization of villages across the EU and elsewhere. Best practices pertinent to precision farming, energy diversification, tourism, entrepreneurship are discussed in detail. 
As an in-depth exploration of the Smart Village on a multinational scale, this book will serve as an indispensable resource for students, researchers and policy leaders in the fields of politics, strategic management and urban and rural studies.
Chapter 1. Introduction: Smart Villages: Relevance, Approaches, Policymaking Implications 
Chapter 2. Integrated Approach to the Sustainable EU Smart Villages Policies; Gyorgy Mudri and Christiane Kirketerp 
Chapter 3. Smart Villages Revisited: Conceptual Background and New Challenges on the Local Level; Oskar Wolski and Marcin Wójcik 
Chapter 4. Towards a new sustainable development model for Smart Villages; Raquel Pérez-del Hoyo and Higinio Mora 
Chapter 5. The role of LEADER in smart villages: An opportunity to reconnect with rural communities; Enrique Nieto and Pedro Brosei  
Chapter 6. Precision Agriculture and The Smart Village Concept; Daniel Azevedo 
Chapter 7. Energy diversification and self-sustainable smart villages; James K. R. Watson 
Chapter 8. The Role of Smart and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Smart Villages Concept; Szanyi-Gyenes Xenia
Chapter 9. Smart Villages in Slovenia: Examples of Good Pilot Practices; Veronika Zavratnik, Andrej Kos and Emilija Stojmenova Duh 
Chapter 10. Smart Village Projects in Korea: Rural Tourism, 6th Industrialization, and Smart Farming; Jonghoon Park and Seongwoo Lee 
Chapter 11. Smart villages and the GCC Countries: Policies, strategies, and implications; Tayeb Brahimi and Benaouda Bensaid 
Chapter 12. Conclusions: Smart Villages: Mapping the Emerging Field and Setting the Course of Action; Miltiadis D. Lytras, Anna Visvizi and Gyorgy Mudri
Anna Visvizi, Ph.D. is Associate Professor, Deree College - The American College of Greece, and Visiting Researcher at Effat University, Saudi Arabia. Her expertise covers issues relevant to the intersection of politics, economics and ICT. 
Miltiadis D. Lytras, Ph.D. is Research Professor at Deree College - The American College of Greece and Visiting Researcher at Effat University, Saudi Arabia. His expertise covers cognitive computing, information systems and technology enabled innovation. 
György Mudri is agricultural engineer, specialising in biotechnology. He is Advisor to Mr Tibor Szanyi, Member of the European Parliament. His expertise covers rural networking, LEADER, the rural development legislation and the EU smart villages concept.

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