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Small Business Management and Control of the Uncertain External Environment

Konstantinos Biginas
Coventry University, UK

Stavros Sindakis
University of Sharjah, UAE

Antonia Koumproglou
Coventry University, UK

Vlasios Sarantinos
University of the West of England, UK

Peter Wyer
University of Cambridge, UK

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16 Apr 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
368 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advanced Strategies in Entrepreneurship, Education and Ecology
From the vagaries of the economy, through to varying degrees of social unrest, to the impact of adverse weather, businesses of all forms and sizes across the globe must cope with ongoing change, uncertainty, and risk. In this unpredictable environment, how can SMEs react and control external factors? 

This edited collection investigates the potential impact of long-term planning and strategic awareness on the ability of SMEs to remain competitive in a highly competitive world. The authors and editors demonstrate that whether SMEs are able to identify and act upon externally imposed forces and factors, or not, is the defining indicator of their likelihood to struggle, survive, or even thrive. Outlining the integral development opportunities or threats to existing business activity inherent to the external environment, this book offers a multidisciplinary insight, which brings together different lenses to explore a range of cutting-edge themes from both research and practitioner perspectives. The book also looks ahead, examining the broad market reaction to external forces in order to predict future implications. 

Given the significance of SMEs for the global economy, the range of different views offered, including but not limited to people management, entrepreneurship and education, provide genuine insights for a diversity of audiences and readers.
Chapter 1. The Distinctiveness of Small Businesses; Shaun Bowman and Peter Wyer  
Chapter 2. Toward Understanding of Best Small Business Strategic Management Practice; Peter Wyer, Bob Barrett and Konstantinos Biginas 
Chapter 3. The Finer Micro-level Detail of Small Business Strategic Management; Peter Wyer, Antonia Koumproglou and Shaun Bowman 
Chapter 4. Exploring the Unique Start-Up Organisational Culture; Antonia Koumproglou and Konstantinos Biginas 
Chapter 5. An investigation of the expansion and influence of Western Paradigms in Transnational Education and the impact for SMEs; Vlasios Sarantinos 
Chapter 6. Leadership: It’s role within Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises; Gratien David Pillai 
Chapter 7. Small Businesses and the Changing Competitive Environment; Konstantinos Biginas and Antonia Koumproglou 
Chapter 8. How can SMEs overcome skill shortages and talent mismatches; Zaira Pedron 
Chapter 9. Key issues in SME management Small is beautiful or a Bleak House in the Brexit backdrop; Vlasios Sarantinos 
Chapter 10. Improving Employee Engagement in Small and Medium Enterprises; Roopa Nagori 
Chapter 11. The Implications of Brexit for SMEs in the U.K.; Stavros Sindakis and Sakshi Aggarwal 
Chapter 12. Contemporary HRM practices in Japanese SMEs; Aaron Taylor 
Chapter 13. E-business adoption by SMEs: Benefits, and Drawbacks; Stavros Sindakis and Sakshi Aggarwal
Chapter 14. Financing SME's: The agony of securing funding; Nikolas Hourvouliades 
Chapter 15. Conclusion; Peter Wyer
Konstantinos Biginis is Lecturer and Module Leader at Coventry University London, UK. 

Stavros Sindakis is Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at the University of Sharjah, UAE.  

Antonia Koumproglou is a Lecturer and Module Leader in Business Management and Organizational Behaviour modules at Coventry University London, UK.  

Vlasios Sarantinos is Senior Lecturer at the University of the West of England, UK.  

Peter Wyer is Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge, UK.

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