Simplifying the Complex: A Guide to Transition and Activation Planning for Healthcare Construction Projects

Kelly Guzman
Yellow Brick Consulting, USA

Jeff Agner
Yellow Brick Consulting, USA

Lynn Aguilera
Yellow Brick Consulting, USA

Kathy Stevenson
Yellow Brick Consulting, USA

Ann Ahmadi
Yellow Brick Consulting, USA

Alison Broders
Yellow Brick Consulting, USA

Christina Olivarria
Yellow Brick Consulting, USA

Product Details
28 Apr 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
128 pages - 138 x 216mm
Are you planning the Transition and Activation of a new healthcare project? 

This easy-to-use guide provides readers with the fundamentals of the transition, activation, and operational planning process and is essential for anyone involved in activating a new healthcare space. 

Developed by a highly experienced healthcare consulting company, Yellow Brick Consulting Inc., this straightforward planning roadmap tackles the high-risk and problem-prone strategic initiative of activating healthcare construction projects. Utilizing project management experience from healthcare projects of varying sizes, scopes and complexities, this book shares best practices and provides insight as to how to avoid common pitfalls through strategic planning. 

Simplifying the Complex provides the framework to establish a consistent process throughout the Transition and Activation Planning process, including project kickoff, budget development, building readiness, and people readiness. Each chapter guides the reader through the stages of the planning process and provides the tools necessary for implementing a successful project.
Chapter 1. Project Kick-off and Getting Started; Kelly Guzman 
Chapter 2. Tools for Success; Kelly Guzman and Christina Olivarria
Chapter 3. New Facility Transition Budget Planning; Jeff Agner 
Chapter 4. Building Readiness; Kathy Stevenson 
Chapter 5. People Readiness; Lynn Aguilera 
Chapter 6. Reflections and Conclusions; Kelly Guzman 

Yellow Brick Consulting, Inc. offers Transition and Activation Planning for healthcare projects across North America. Based in Southern California, the Yellow Brick team delivers project management expertise to the healthcare organizations and offers clients a partner on their path for every step of the journey.
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