Service-Learning: Enhancing Inclusive Education Vol: 12

Shane Lavery
University of Notre Dame, Australia

Dianne Chambers
University of Notre Dame, Australia

Glenda Cain
University of Notre Dame, Australia

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28 Nov 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
296 pages - 152 x 229mm
International Perspectives on Inclusive Education
This book investigates the role of Service Learning in supporting inclusive practice. Specifically, it explores the process of Service Learning and the intersection with inclusion in classroom and community. Special consideration is given to issues of equity, students with disability, those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and students of different cultural and language groups. 

Service Learning involves students at primary, secondary and tertiary levels actively engaging with schools and the community in service projects, where both students and community benefit. It involves reciprocity between those providing the service and those receiving the service. Students connect with their academic discipline through intentional academic and personal learning goals as a result of structured reflection.  

The first section of the book embeds Service Learning and inclusive education within a theoretical perspective. Discussions focus on research, practical considerations for developing a Service Learning program, ethics and social capacity of those who are marginalised. The second section reviews Service Learning within a primary/elementary context. Chapter authors discuss how service learning can be embedded into the school environment and how participating student’s experiences have shaped classroom and community interactions. The third section describes methods of incorporating Service Learning within a secondary school context. A variety of experiences are examined, along with procedures for successful program development.  

The fourth and final section focuses on the impact of Service Learning on pre-service teachers’ appreciation of inclusivity and social justice issues within inclusive classrooms. Preparation for the practical and professional components of becoming an effective inclusive teacher are described.
Section 1: Theoretical Perspectives of Service Learning for Supporting Inclusive Education 
1. Introduction to Service Learning and Inclusive Education; Dianne Chambers and Shane Lavery 
2. International Service Learning: Preparing Teachers for Inclusion; Suzanne Carrington and Megan Kimber 
3. Service Learning, Volunteering and Inclusion from a Pre-Service Teacher’s Perspective; Hannah Nickels 
4. Building Ethical Capacity: Inclusiveness and the Reflective Dimensions of Service-Learning; Sandra Lynch 

Section 2: Primary School Service Learning & Inclusion 
5. Implementing Service Learning in Elementary Schools to Enhance Inclusion; Shelley Billig 
6. The Whale of a Tale Reader Mentor Program for Children who have Experienced Trauma; Glenda Cain 
7. Junior School Service Program; John Richards 

Section 3: Secondary School Service Learning & Inclusion
8. Differentiated Learning in High School Through a Dynamic Service Learning Approach; Cathryn Berger Kaye and Maureen Connolly 
9. Making the Margins Real: The Contribution of a Service Learning Program to Building a More Inclusive Culture Within the Secondary School; Damien Price 
10. Unique Service Learning in Barcelona; Marta Vernet 
11. Building Relationships: Facilitating Cultural Inclusivity Through Christian Service-Learning Immersion programs; Patrick Devlin and Paige Warner 

Section 4: Tertiary Service Learning & Inclusion  
12. Changing Attitudes of Pre-Service Teachers Towards Inclusion Through Service-Learning; Dianne Chambers
13. Service-Learning in Higher Education: Teaching About Poverty and Mental Health; Connie Synder Mick and James M. Frabutt 
14. The Value of Service Learning in a Pre-Service Secondary Teacher Qualification; Shane Lavery, Anne Coffey and Sandro Sandri
Shane Lavery coordinates the Postgraduate programs in the School of Education, at the University of Notre Dame, Australia. He is published in the fields of Educational Leadership, Service Learning, Student Leadership and Ecological Education. 

Dianne Chambers is an Associate Professor at the University of Notre Dame, Australia. She is current National Councillor of the Australian Association of Special Education (WA Chapter).   

Glenda Cain is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Notre Dame, Australia. She has worked with the Western Australian Government Department of Child Protection and Family Support.

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