Self-Study of Language and Literacy Teacher Education Practices: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Contexts Vol: 30

Judy Sharkey
University of New Hampshire, USA

Megan Madigan Peercy
University of Maryland, USA

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16 Aug 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Research on Teaching
This volume explores how Self-Study in Teacher Education Practices (S-STEP) contribute to teacher education in culturally and linguistically diverse communities and contexts. The chapters reflect the scholarly inquiry of teacher educators dedicated to investigating and opening to public scrutiny their efforts to improve their practice, while recognizing the impacts of such efforts on their students and teacher education overall. The common thread in these S-STEP inquiries is the explicit attention to the ways in which culture, language, and race interact and affect teaching and learning.  

Central to this are the ways in which S-STEP studies address two pressing but interrelated issues in teacher education research: the need for greater attention to teacher educator development and pedagogies overall, and the challenge of preparing teachers for increasingly diverse, mobile, and plurilingual schools and communities. 

The book will be a valuable resource for teacher educators, particularly second language teacher education scholars and those new to S-STEP methods.
Introduction: Enhancing Teacher Education for an Inclusive Pluralistic World: A Shared Commitment across Multiple Landscapes; Judy Sharkey and Megan Madigan Peercy  
Part I: Teacher Educator Professional Development in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Contexts: A Lifelong Process 
1. The Accidental Teacher Educator: Learning to Be a Language Teacher Educator Within Diverse Populations; Shawn Bullock 
2. Using Self-Study to Examine Our Research and Teaching Practices as EFL Teacher Educators in Colombia; Amparo Clavijo Olarte and Maribel Ramírez Galindo 
3. Getting Down to Identities to Trace a New Career Path: Understanding Novice Teacher Educator Identities in Multicultural Education Teaching; Vy Dao, Scott Farver, and Davena Jackson 
4. Discursive Resources in a Multicultural Education Course: Unpacking Our Own Unexplored Biases as Teacher Educators; Laura C. Haniford and Brian Girard  
5. Developing an Inquiry Stance in Diverse Teacher Candidates: A Self-Study By Four Culturally, Ethnically, and Linguistically Diverse Teacher Educators; Amber Strong Makaiau, Karen Ragoonaden, Jessica Ching-Sze Wang, and Lu Leng  
6. Reframing Our Use of Visual Literacy through Academic Diversity: A Cross-Disciplinary Collaborative Self-Study; Bethney Bergh, Christi Edge, and Abby Cameron-Standerford  
Part II: Pedagogical Practices and Policies Related to Linguistic Diversity and Language Development 
7. Preparing Teachers for English Learners in Rural Settings; Kathleen Ann Ramos 
8. Facilitating Preservice Teachers’ Transformation through Intercultural Learning: Reflections from a Self-Study; Roxanna M. Senyshyn 
9. Impacting Classrooms and Ourselves: A Self-Study Investigation of Our Work with and within an Indigenous Pueblo Community; Cheryl A. Franklin Torrez and Marjori M. Krebs  
10. Sifting through Shifting Sands: Confronting the Self in Teaching Bilingual Emirati Preservice Teachers; Patience A. Sowa 
11. Cycles of Research: A Self-Study of Teaching Research in a Sheltered English Instruction Course; Elizabeth A. Robinson  
12. Toward a Coherent Approach to Preparing Teachers to Teach Language to Emergent Bilingual Learners: Self-Study in TESOL Teacher Education; Laura Schall-Leckrone, Lucy Bunning, and Maria da Conceicao Athanassiou 
13. Moving Beyond ‘Très Bien’: Examining Teacher Educator Mediation in Lesson Rehearsals; Francis John Troyan and Megan Madigan Peercy
Judy Sharkey is Associate Professor in the Education Department at the University of New Hampshire. Before becoming a teacher educator, she taught English as a foreign language for ten years in countries in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. Her research focuses on teacher and student learning in multilingual/pluricultural urban communities. 
Megan Madigan Peercy is Associate Professor at the University of Maryland. Her research focuses on preparation and development of teachers throughout their careers, as they work with linguistically and culturally diverse learners. Her recent research appears in Teaching and Teacher Education, Action in Teacher Education, and the International Multilingual Research Journal.
This book, a collection of 13 different inquiries utilizing self-study methodology...provides a very timely and critical contribution to the second language teacher education literature. Moreover, these diverse inquiries rooted in self-study in teacher education practices (S-STEP) each intentionally address the need for teachers to be prepared to work with linguistically and culturally

diverse students. - Tamara Mae Roose, The Ohio State University, USA

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