Secrets of Working Across Five Continents: Thriving Through the Power of Cultural Diversity

Meltem Etcheberry
Etche&Berry, France

Bettina von Stamm
Innovation Leadership Forum, Katerva, Middlesex University, UK

Product Details
20 Nov 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
320 pages - 152 x 229mm
As technology erodes the impact of time and distance, more and more people live and work across cultures. This can be one of the most joyful experiences, as collaboration and diversity emerge as key drivers of innovation, yet there are also many challenges.

Acknowledging that it is often the search for best practice, and the 'one right way', that creates prejudices, and even causes a disregard for diversity, this book brings an authentic and inclusive perspective to tackling the challenges of cultural diversity. Based on interviews with 145 individuals, it weaves together stories told in the voices of those who have experienced them, with key concepts, insights, and the expertise of each of the authors and editors, each of whom has lived and worked in at least 2 different countries.

This book seeks sets out to inspire the reader, invite reflection, and nurture a curiosity and appreciation for those who are different from ourselves. Collectively, the authors and editors equip readers with the tools to embrace the richness and beauty brought by diversity, and ultimately engage with the key skills for thriving in today's fast-paced, highly interconnected and interdependent world. They envisage a mindset they call CulturAll Intelligentsia©, which thrives on authenticity, embraces those who and that which is different, and thus creates a pathway to more sensitivity, and peace.
Preface; Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg
Setting the Scene; Meltem Etcheberry, Bettina von Stamm 
Visionary & Authentic Leadership; Bettina von Stamm, Chris Igwe, Meltem Etcheberry 
Nurturing People & Culture; Bettina von Stamm, Hande Binns, Meltem Etcheberry 
Innovative Design & Creation; Bettina von Stamm, Triany Navarro de Chollet, Meltem Etcheberry  
Inspiring Communication & Relationships; Bettina von Stamm, Maria Goulina Rabany, Meltem Etcheberry 
And every ending has a new beginning...;Meltem Etcheberry, Bettina von Stamm
Dr Meltem Etcheberry is an Interior Architect, Designer and Trendsetter, and she enjoys consulting through her company Etche & Berry. Her own diversity of cultural experience is something that has provided her with inspiration, and influenced her throughout her career.

Dr Bettina von Stamm works with leaders and leadership teams to give them confidence to innovate and collaborate in the 21st century through her company, the Innovation Leadership Forum. She delivers executive programs at prestigious universities and corporations around the world.

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