SDG17 - Partnerships for the Goals: Strengthening Implementation Through Global Cooperation

Monica Thiel
University of International Business and Economics, China

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23 Apr 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
152 pages - 129 x 198mm
Concise Guides to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Partnerships are often implemented in various ways, often without considering the impact, process or systemic performance and governance level of the partnership itself. The current bank of knowledge also offers little about complex partnership performance logics and multi-level governance across sectors. Partnership concerns can often be predominately focused on opportunistic business goals and benefits rather than the systemic partnering process itself. But partnerships do not operate in a vacuum. 

This book leads with the idea that partnerships can drive change. It argues that current partnership practices may impede sustainable business benefits and increase risk through a disregard for excellence, the ethics of care, and consideration for how partnership performance can directly affect corporate value and public value. The book utilizes comprehensive critical analyses and collaborative strategies to help readers learn how to formulate, integrate, implement, and monitor partnership performance. The book concludes that business and global development concerns are not independent of partnership concerns. 

Concise Guides to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals comprises 17 short books, each examining one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The series provides an integrated assessment of the SDGs from economic, legal, social, environmental and cultural perspectives.
Chapter 1. Defining a Partnership 
Chapter 2. Collaborative Performance 
Chapter 3. Collective Governance 
Chapter 4. Examining Partnership Success and Failure 
Chapter 5. Collective Intelligence 
Chapter 6. Partnership Intervention Strategies  
Chapter 7. Integrated Partnership Performance among Government, Business and Civil Society 
Chapter 8. Connecting Partnerships with Responsible Investments
Monica Thiel, PhD, is Professor at the University of International Business & Economics in Beijing, China. She is also a Business and Government Strategy Consultant, an Editorial Board Member for Frontiers’ Journal Organizational Psychology and The International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development, and a co-editor and author of books on corporate and government responsibility, and sustainable development.

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